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Digital marketing event

Below we have detailed our stand at digital DNA.

SketchUp Course with Min Print in Belfast

Thank you to the guys from MinPrint who attended our Sketchup Course

Photography Master Class with Tony Moore
Photography Master Class With Tony Moore

  Photography Event Join us at our Photography Event at the MAC in Belfast were we will team up with Tony Moore photography to showcase expert techniques in Adobe Lightroom   The Lightroom Landscape Join Tony on an inspirational journey on how Adobe Lightroom CC can be used to produce amazing landscapes with the minimal […]

Design Training Course – Mallusk Cork

Thank you to the super guys from Mallusk in Cork who we delivered a number of design courses with.

Design Training Course with AECOM

Thank you to everyone from AECOM who attended our Custom InDesign course.

40 Must know SEO ranking factors

Introduction Google has up to 200 ranking factors in implementing their algorithm. But the question arises – “how they make use of these ranking factors?” Well, there is some good news as this post will be reeling out a complete list of these ranking factors. Some are 100% reliable; some are still yet to be […]

How to publish articles on Linkedin to get maximum exposure blog post
How to Publish articles on LinkedIn to get Maximum Exposure

Publish Articles on LinkedIn and get Max Exposure. Learn to publish articles, structure them and get copyright free images. As far as publishing content on linkedIn we have you covered

Linkedin Recommendations blog post
LinkedIn Recommendations – How to find and get them

In this video explore LinkedIn recommendations. They are vital to increasing your exposure and popularity on this platform – Were are recommendations on your profile – How do you get recommendations – How do you give recommendations

How to set up Indesign
How To.. Set up InDesign must-use Preferences

Adobe InDesign can be complicated but great when you get into it. You will get work done in a fraction of the time it would take in other applications, such as Microsoft Word. BUT you need to set InDesign up correctly and for this reason we have created this video. We explain key elements that […]

Getting Started with Podcasting
Get started with Podcasting – Part 1

In this three-part blog series we go from the very beginning steps all the way to embedding your podcast in your website. In this first part we cover planning and preparation, from ideation through formatting, to selecting your equipment. Planning In some ways, this can be the most difficult stage! But spending time on this […]

What is a Podcast
What is a Podcast?

In 2005, the New Oxford American Dictionary chose ‘podcast’ as their word of the year. But it seems that, for some people, the definition (and the distinction) of the term ‘podcast’ is still not clear. Podcasts can still get confused with streaming, and downloadable audio or video. According to Ted Dempoulos, in his What No One […]

When to ignore text wrap in Adobe InDesign
Adobe InDesign: When you want it to Ignore Text Wrap

There are times when you wrap text around an object you may want InDesign to ignore the wrap; particularly when you want another object to sit on top of wrapped shape

How to Speed up your Workflow in Adobe InDesign
Adobe InDesign: Speed up your Workflow

Save time with Adobe InDesign shortcuts. Here are four videos showcasing techniques to get the job done quicker, using Scripts; Interactivity; Styles; and Default Fonts. To book a place on our next Advanced InDesign course (Belfast, 23/10/2018) call Peter on (028) 9575 7921.   1. Scripts – Rotate Text Character Thousands of Scripts: I recently […]

Facebook Blog for Ecommerce Brands
Facebook Retargeting Guide For Ecommerce Brands

You might think that once you’ve got people to actually visit your ecommerce website than you have at least won a battle in the war to turn visitors into customers. But how many of your customers are ready to make a purchase at this stage? Just 4%. With so few of your visitors converting into […]

SEO Factors to get you moving into 2018
SEO Ranking Factors to get you moving in 2018

Introduction We have put toghether over 40 Ranking factors to get your site to the next level in 2018. We would love to hear your comments; let us know if there is anything left out. These are just some of the ranking factors we use in our strategies within our SEO Agency in Belfast, Northern […]

Guidelines for choosing your SEO company
Guidelines for Choosing your SEO Company

Introduction With the way businesses are being run these days, companies need to cope up with the trend through search engine optimization (SEO). Businesses should adopt machine learning to stay in the fierce market competition. They are in dire need of an SEO provider to make this happen. The question then is whether they can […]

How to choose your winning SEO agency
How to choose your winning SEO agency

Introduction Never discount consultants or SEO agencies that do not appear in the top searches. Take into account that best companies no longer require as much visibility because they can quickly get new clients through happy clients referrals and recommendations. Never rely entirely on ratings but take time to read reviews instead. See how the […]

40 must know SEO ranking factors blog post
40 Must know SEO ranking factors

Introduction You are very well aware of the fact that Google has up to 200 ranking factors in implementing their algorithm. But the question arises – “how they make use of these ranking factors?” Well, there is some good news as this post will be reeling out a complete list of these ranking factors. Some […]

Why is my website not showing up in Google Search
My Website looks great – Why is it not showing up in Google Search

Introduction Difficulties with your website as it is not showing up in Google search? Many people do too. So, you may want to test if your site was indexed. To do that, you need to search for its domain name or URL, example: site:yourdomain.com. When after you clicked search, your site did not appear, or […]

SEO Blog Post
2018’s Top SEO Strategies for Link Building Success

Introduction When you are looking for natural or organic way to improve the ranking of your website, you should maximize link building. If you are tired of guessing the next big thing when it comes to link building, read along. Interesting article from Forbes on Guest Blogging I will now show you the top five […]

7 Technical SEO tips every web owner should know
7 Technical SEO – Tips Every Web Owner Should Know

Introduction With the fierce competition in the digital world today, being technically left behind would not be an option. What should be your call for action? Learn from the essential technical SEO factors to boost traffic to your site. It was not until 2016 when speculations on how a site can benefit from technical SEO […]

Must Know Illustrator Drawing Symbols
Must know Illustrator Drawing Symbols

To master the drawing feature in Illustrator you must understand the symbols of the various drawing tools. For this reason we have created the infographic below. The icons detailed are active with the Pen Tool and Direct Selection Tool

Introduction to Search Engine Optimisation
Free Event – Introduction to Search Engine Optimisation

Seminar Content This BigRockDesigns event we introduce you to today’s top SEO techniques for technical optimisation, content optimisation, offsite optimisation and competitive research. We cover must-haves for your SEO toolkit, such as Google’s Search Console, PageSpeed Insights, Keyword Planner and the impact of social media on your SEO strategy This seminar will help anyone concerned with […]

Creating Content for the Web and Social Blog Post
How do I Create Content for the Web and Social Media?

Content Strategy #101 for the Small Business Owner So where to begin? You have a website and/or some social media profiles but now you need something to start to fill in the empty spaces. This is where the content comes in. So what is ‘content’? Types of media online (mainly text, but more and more […]

Is Page Speed a Ranking Factor blog post
Is PageSpeed a Google ranking factor and should I care?

Introduction to PageSpeed   It’s official: Google announced that page speed will be a ranking factor in its mobile-first index. There’s no beating around the bush anymore: you should work on making your site as accessible and fast as possible. Work on your mobile SEO.From Google Search Console Last Wednesday on the Webmaster Central Blog, […]

Can you make money through Blogging
Can I make money through Blogging

Blogging Opportunities There are many revenue-making opportunities waiting for people online. For some reasons, many individuals stay at home. Some individuals can’t have a professional career because they have to take care of their family and some are simply jobless. However, this is the time to rejoice because now you can make money even without […]

Free Event Enterprise Week
Free Event at Strabane Enterprise Week

The use of Inbound Marketing Techniques to increase sales / build interest #boostYourBusiness We are delighted to get the opportunity to speak at the Derry-Strabane Enterprise week. It will be 2 hours of great material to help you grow your business Inbound marketing is focused on attracting customers through relevant and helpful content which adds […]

Why Learning SQL is a Powerful Career Move
Why Learning SQL Is a Powerful Career Move

There are many excellent ways of boosting your career without too much effort. Could learning SQL be exactly what you need in order to get the financial rewards and job satisfaction that you crave? There are certainly some great reasons for believing that getting this skill on your CV could be one of the best […]

The Value of Prince 2 Project Management in Digital Projects
The Value of Prince2 Project Management in Digital Projects

It is easy to think that PRINCE2 techniques are only truly useful in certain situations, such as in conventional, office-based projects. However, it is worth pointing out that finding out about PRINCE2 can prove invaluable for managing modern, digital projects as well.   Indeed, there are some huge benefits to learning this way of approaching […]

Adobe Certification Associate Exam Blog Post
Adobe Exam Success

Congratulation to our learners Lorna McGivern and Brian Mc Kinney who passed in flying colours in our Adobe ACA exam in Adobe Photoshop. Welcome to the Adobe Certified Community guys

Digital Photography Blog Post
Adobe LightRoom Master Course

LightRoom Course In BigRockDesigns we are delighted to partner with Tony Moore Award winning fine art Photographer for our new and improved Adobe LightRoom Course.   Examples of Tony’s work For a comprehensive list view Tony’s web site    Course Topics Importing Photographs Library Module to View Images Using Lights Out and Full Screen view […]

Alternative for Lead Forensics
Lead Forensics is great. What are the alternatives?

Nowadays, it is very important for any online business, seeking to capitalize on their website investment, to identify, target and convert web prospects into sales. The IP address is one of the many profitable ways to generate leads. This type of search includes all the important information related to the company such as demographics, contact […]

Photoshop Masking Blog
Mystic Gaze – Photoshop Composition

In our complex Photoshop composition learn to construct this image using: layers, masks, adjustment layers and selections. We will make learning advanced techniques easy and more importantly fun Download Image and PDF notes

How to find link building gold to increase site exposure blog post
How to find link building gold to increase site exposure

Want to Attract Maximum Traffic? Go for Backlinks   Backlinks is a great way to attract traffic to your website. It is basically a site that places a link to your site which is a supreme ranking factor for Google search engines. The most important thing to be kept in mind while using backlinks is […]

The Best Email Marketing Software
The best email marketing software

Introduction With the advent of social media sites, many marketing companies are thinking that email marketing should be stopped and replaced with some other marketing strategy. This is not true as email is one of the most effective methods for building traffic with an astonishing variety of demographics. Email marketing cannot be ignored if you […]

Recommended Photoshop Screen Preferences
Recommended Photoshop Screen Preferences

Learn How To Hide Interface elements Emphasise specific sections Move between opened images A. Full Screen Mode Select F key twice B. Partial Screen Mode Select Tab – hide all panels Select Shift & Tab hide panels only C. Toggle Between Opened Images Select Ctrl & Tab

How to use the Geometric Marquee Tool
Photoshop: Geometric Marquee Tool

Learn How to Select and edit a specific area of an image Modify with shortcuts Copy your layer A  Elliptical Marquee Tool Using this tool we will make a selection of Planet Earth. Spacebar will be used to move without committing to the selection B Copy the selection to a new layer Select Edit – […]

Re-purposing marketing content Part 4
Re-Purposing Marketing Content (Part 4)

This is our final Re-Purposing Content blog, where we’ll take a quick look at re-using your content in video format – whether as a video or a videographic.   Video If you’re happy to stand in front of a camera, creating a video using your original content as a ‘script’ could be for you. You’ll need a […]

Re-purposing Marketing Content Part 3/4
Re-Purposing Marketing Content (Part 3)

In our last blog post, we looked at some of the benefits of re-purposing your carefully-crafted content. This time, we’re working out what to turn that into. Why not try: Infographics, and/or Email Marketing Infographics are a great way to get engagement – with their attractive visuals they usually get shared more frequently than a […]

Re-purposing Marketing Content Part 2/4
Re-Purposing Marketing Content (Part 2)

Re-purposing benefits and the types of content to use In our previous blog post we discussed why you should be re-purposing the marketing content you’ve spent time and energy crafting, with the main benefit being it allows you to get on with running your own business. Two further benefits of re-purposing content are: Improving your […]

New and Better SEO courses 2017 blog post
New and Better SEO Course – 2017

Why our course? Search Engine Optimisation is a bit like playing snooker on a boat; you lined up your shot and if you hit it correctly the ball should go into the pocket. Unfortunately thats not the case with SEO. The tried and tested techniques which provided great results in the past just wont work […]

Re-purposing Marketing Content Part 1/4
Re-Purposing Marketing Content (Part 1)

Maximise Your Content – Minimise Your Workload This month at BigRockDesigns we’re focusing on infographics and the new social media courses we’ll be introducing over the summer. That got us thinking about social media content, but did you know you can create it and cut your workload? When you create content, think beyond just that […]

Why does my Business need a Blog
Why does my business need a blog?

Introduction You all must have read and heard about blogging and how important it is for growing a business. Many companies make the biggest mistake of ignoring the power of blogging and just concentrating on social media and email marketing. However, these two things are important for growing a business, but building a good blog […]

4 Game Changing Trends in Social Media
4 – Game Changing Trends in Social Media

Introduction With a changing trend and updates in the social media, more and more companies are inclining towards this platform to market their business. Social media makes it possible for savvy brands to attract the audience and drive traffic. There are many free social media tools available for use by the companies, but to increase […]

5 Successful Content Marketing Trends
5 Successful Content Marketing Trends

Introduction Content marketing is a very useful step for the promotion of a website as well as creating brand awareness. The audience on the internet are hungry for informative and interesting content and this is the thing that lets you stand out in the crowd. In this article, I have compiled five biggest content marketing […]

History of the World Cup in Posters
History of the World Cup in Posters

Wonderful article on how FIFA chose posters to represent a variety of Soccer World Cups: When FIFA needed posters for its new World Football Museum, it turned to Jonas Bergstrand of the Stockholm agency Problem Bob. Football may be a game, but it’s taken very seriously by FIFA—and the sport’s legions of fans. Bergstrand gave […]

What are Googles Best Search Techniques
What are Google’s best search techniques?

Introduction With the advancement in technology, everything is available at our fingertips whether it is a tasty recipe for an apple pie or quantum theory. Searching on Google has become a natural instinct for most; you don’t know something, just search on Google! But what are the most effective search techniques. But sometimes we do not […]

How to Use the Navigator Panel in Adobe Photoshop
How to use the Navigator Panel in Adobe Photoshop

N.B. Use these notes with the associated video tutorial explaining the Photoshop Navigator Panel (see below).   Zoom and Move images Zoom in and out with the Nav. Panel Move around your image with the Nav. Panel   A. Open the Navigator panel Select Window – Navigator   B Navigate the Image Zoom into the image. Move […]

Photoshop CC 2017 New Feature - Face Aware Liquify
Photoshop CC 2017 New Feature – Face Aware Liquify

In this tutorial we have identified a new feature in Photoshop 2017 which we think you will like Open the liquify Panel – Select Filter – Liquify   1. Face Aware Liquify In this exercise learn to – Edit a Face shape – Isolate elements of a face – Uniformly edit elements such as eyes Process […]

Using the Zoom Tool in Photoshop
How to use the Photoshop Zoom tool

Learn how to: Target a specific area with the Zoom tool How to use spring-loaded shortcuts A Target a Specific Area Select the Zoom tool: Draw with the tool over the required area. The screen resizes to the box height. B Spring Loaded Shortcuts Select another tool: Press Z (keep pressed down)- when released Photoshop […]

Graphic Design Blog Post
How to convert CMYK colour to Pantone in Adobe Illustrator

Video tutorial with associated notes Learn how to: Take any normally coloured image and find the Pantone colour reference Save the colour into swatches   A. Create an Image on screen filled with process colour Create an object: we have used normal text and filled with colour   B.  Finding Pantone reference Select edit – edit […]

Graphic Design from a Golden Era
Graphic Design from a Golden Era

Thanks to BRD learner Desmond for passing on this article about the golden era of Canadian graphic design, focussing on inspiration and creating a lasting legacy for future generations to admire.   Excerpt: Greg Durrell was working as part of the design team for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics when he first noticed a dearth of […]

SEO and Web Design
Case Study: Genie Insights does Web Design and SEO

Learning Objective Genie Insights contacted BigRockDesigns with a view to continuing professional development in WordPress and SEO for the launch of their new website; built entirely with the amazing xTheme. Genie Insights is a marketing consultancy company based in NI specialising in Transport and Logistics Having a general understanding of WordPress and SEO, Laura from Genie Insights […]

Most effective way to navigate the Photoshop Interface
Most efficient way to navigate the Photoshop interface

Learn how to: Zoom your image with tools and shortcuts Where zoom is indicated on your screen   A. The Zoom Tool Select  Zoom + to Zoom in ͛͛Select  Zoom – to Zoom out   B.  Zoom Shortcuts Zoom in  Cmd +, Zoom Out  Cmd – View image at actual size –  Cmd & 1 […]

Best Plugins to Manage a WordPress Editorial Workflow
What are the best Plugins to manage a WordPress editorial workflow?

10 hand-picked plugins to achieve this: No doubt, WordPress has made it really easy for a layman to manage an online business, but at the same time, it poses a lot of difficulties. It is really difficult and time-consuming to manage a multi-author site on WordPress. The entire process of managing the content and distributing […]

How can I make my Webinar a Marketing Tool
How can I make my webinar a marketing tool?

6 Topics to Consider Nowadays, webinars are becoming a hot favorite tool for online marketing. This is because the web-based conferences are a great way to generate more and more leads to increase the sales. There are many different ways using which the marketing power of webinars can be leveraged. The best part about webinar […]

How can I achieve more with my Facebook ads
How can I achieve more with my Facebook Ads?

Are your Facebook Ads working? Are you using Facebook Ads for marketing online? Are you getting good returns using this strategy? If not, then it is the time to consider giving FB ads another chance. As a marketing consultant, I get to meet many business owners and marketers who are trying to promote a business. […]

How to Improve Google Places Page Ranking
How can I improve my Google Places Page Ranking?

How to check your Google Places Page ranking It may be more simple to optimise Google Places Page, but the real task is to improve its ranking. After some in-depth research, we have finally selected five ways for business owners to improve their Google Places Ranking.   Business Listings The first step that Google algorithm takes while ranking […]

Sight Words Coach
App-solutely Lab: Sight Words Coach

This is BRD’s first app review, and with World Book Day coming up soon we thought we’d try out an app to help children learn Sight (or Dolch list) words on our very own BigRock Jnr2 (age 6) who has been struggling with these a bit. After spending some time on the Google Play Store trying […]

Adobe Bridge Basics
What are the Adobe Bridge Basics?

[thrive_leads id=’2932′] We Hope you enjoy our notes with associated video tutorial explaining the Adobe Bride Basic Concepts. Learn how to: Open Images via Bridge into Photoshop Navigate the Bridge interface How to customise Bridge   A. Open Bridge Select  File – Browse in Bridge   B. The Bridge Interface – Key Areas Favourites & […]

How to Customise Colours, Fonts and Themes in Adobe Photoshop
How do I customise colours, fonts and theme in Adobe Photoshop?

N.B. Use these notes with the associated video tutorial explaining the Photoshop interface (see below). Learn how to: Alter the welcome screen Customise colours Customise fonts Change overall theme properties   A. Welcome Screen How to Remove the welcome screen – Select Photoshop – General, un-tick Start   B. Interface Colour To edit this colour select […]