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My Website looks great – Why is it not showing up in Google Search
Why is my website not showing up in Google Search


Difficulties with your website as it is not showing up in Google search? Many people do too. So, you may want to test if your site was indexed. To do that, you need to search for its domain name or URL, example: site:yourdomain.com.

When after you clicked search, your site did not appear, or if it is poorly performing than before, you may need to check the search performance of the website in Google.

site not showing in goolge

Why Search Ranking is Important

It has been noted that most people will no longer click on the second page of most search results. Study revealed that organic search results in Google’s top listing gets about 33% of the traffic while the second best only get 18% of traffic and the rest is lesser than that.

This only implies that getting indexed by Yahoo, Bing and Google is definitely not enough.


The Reason Why Sites Do not Rank in Search Results

Remember, Google can most of the time be tricky. Below, you can find some of the reasons why your site does not show up in search results:

  1. The website is relatively new and Google has not indexed it yet.
  2. The site is not optimized for crawling in the search engine.
  3. You have selected a very competitive keyword market.
  4. No index tags were found on your website.
  5. The site you wish to appear has been removed from google because of a penalty.

To get into detail, you site made in Wix, WordPress or Squarespace is not ranking because:

  1. Google did not index your site. For the search engine to update its search results, it may sometime require a week or maybe longer. This may be related to the newly built website which does not have inbound links yet.

To help you further, all you need is to first sign up on Google webmaster tools. You are ready to request for a re-crawl of your URL after signing up and ask Google to point to your sitemap.xml URL. If you happen to have a large or new website, there are cases when the request may not immediately work.

Google will not add all the submitted URLs directly to be indexed. They also cannot guarantee or predict as to when or if the submitted URLs will appear in the index. If the new site is already crawled, it may take a week or two for it to be indexed.


  1. New website. The typical waiting period for a new site to show up in the results of the search engine is about four weeks. Search engine indexes are somewhat slow even though most of us are so used to getting instant results when we use the internet. Never fret as this process is normal. The key is to wait and start learning more about the algorithms of the search engine.
  2. “No index” tags found on the website. A custom code can be used in order to communicate to the search engines when it comes to request not to index a particular page or site. If you or your site developer added such code, this may explain why the site is not listed in the search results.
  3. The site is not search engine crawling optimized. Upon the submission of the site to the search engine, a spider will be sent to ‘crawl’ its content. The spider will view the site like a typical traffic.

Meta content, saturation of keyword, relevant post and other factors will be scanned and assessed. Thus, having good content is a huge factor.

  1. You have chosen a competitive keyword market. Despite the billions of websites that exist, it is the function of search engines to assist the millions of users worldwide. Ensure that the keyword market being targeted is less competitive to acquire the visitors’ attention quickly.
  2. All keywords are not equal. The search engine ranking makes it simpler to rank irrelevant keywords. Profitable keywords on the other hand are harder to rank. Difficulty comes in two folds. The first is to determine a worthy keyword that will make the business profitable. The second is to be knowledgeable enough to rank on the first page.
  3. Google removed your website. If Google thinks that your website did not meet its guidelines, it may be obliged to remove it from the search results and its index as well. It may also be removed if it contradicts the law, it produces destructing contents and other related reasons. The ways Google do it is by:

* Penalized: This happens when the page or domain can still be found but the pages can only be found by doing direct queries. This is a type of penalty that is manually applied or by Google algorithm by the Quality Engineer of Google.

* Sandboxed: The page or domain was not penalized or deindexed yet the traffic you get suddenly decreased abruptly.

* Deindexed: This is when the domain is entirely taken out from Google. Another term used is banned from search engine.

If there is a violation of the quality guidelines and Google blocked you from index, you might be notified regarding the use of the Search Console. Once received, you are able to make changes on the site in order for it to meet the required guidelines then apply for reconsideration.


Search Engines are being blocked from Crawling Your Site

  • There is a built in feature in WordPress that enables the users to instruct the search engines not to index your site. This is an automatic feature when you create a new site in WP.
  • All you need is to manually disable it. Click on Settings then Reading and tick the box next to the option of Search Engine Visibility.


How to Get A Website to Show Up on Google

Anyone’s goal is to be top rated in Google. You may need to use some search engine optimization and SEO methods in order to improve your ranking as it will also depend on your line of business.

  1. Perform an SEO audit

For better future success, it is the best time for you to conduct a website SEO audit. This can give you a deeper perspective of where you stand in line with:

* Selection of keyword

* Optimization (on site and off site)

  1. Website content needs to have keywords

A keyword can be one word or short phrase of four to five words. These are words that are relevant and related to your website that people use when they search something in Google.

  1. Add more keyword through meta-tags

Meta tags are also known as hidden code. The visitor will not see them yet Google search engine bots that scans your site sees it and select them.

Meta tags can be added to the website if you know how to use HTML coding or through the web design program.

  1. Choose the not overly competitive keywords. To help you select a good one, you may want to use Keyword Planner by Google. Anyway, it is offered for free.

This is a research keyword tool that enables you to gauge the popularity of a search term and will also give you details about its competition level.  A highly competitive keyword means thousands of websites fight over it. Picking it may lead to not being able to be on the front page of Google.

  1. Try adding backlinks. These are web pages that have links that are linked to your website. Search engines only consider quality and organic backlinks.

Once several sites do backlink towards your site, it is likely for Google to give you good ranking and higher credibility.

  1. List your site on Google My Business. This is highly effective for those businesses with a physical office.

It is useful as it links your site to a map listing. When a user searches for your company through a keyword, they can find it in Google map. They can click it and learn more about your website.

  1. Write only relevant content for your business. Make sure to write articles and other materials that is targeted to the product or service that you offer. Never use loosely related fillers. The algorithm of Google ranks only original and relevant content that repeated materials.
  2. Technical SEO analysis. A good tool to baseline a certain URL for the performance of search engine is the use of My free SEO report.



  • Bonus Technique to try: SEO maintenance. This can be done when the site is optimized and you are already in the first page. You cannot stop while the momentum is up. The key is to always manage SEO.
  • Take in to account that when you are at the top, your competitors will try to pull you down to knock you off. It is also likely for the customers to search for other keywords.
  • The key here is for your website to maintain an effective SEO for the maintenance of being on the top rank.
  • Any business owners with a website needs to always keep improving their online presence and visibility.
  • These are some of the techniques we use in our SEO Agency in Belfast, Northern Ireland  to get your site to number 1 in Google

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