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What are Google’s best search techniques?
What are Googles Best Search Techniques


  • With the advancement in technology, everything is available at our fingertips whether it is a tasty recipe for an apple pie or quantum theory. Searching on Google has become a natural instinct for most; you don’t know something, just search on Google! But what are the most effective search techniques.
  • But sometimes we do not get the required information and has to shift from one page to another which can takes hours. In this article, I am going to show you the ten best ways to save time on online searching and get that precious material you are looking for.


Wanted to search this or that??

  • Sometimes we know what we actually want to search but forget some name or information. This problem can easily be solved by using an “or” or “|” between the perspective information. This makes it easy for you to choose the result. Suppose you wanted to search some musical instrument, but you have a vague idea about its name.
  • The names you remember are piano and Casio. The search you will put in a search bar goes like this: Piano or Casio if you are using “or” to separate or you can use Piano|Casio if you are willing to use “|” symbol.
  • Both ways will give the desired results.


Using Synonyms to Searching

  • When we do an online search we receive all the links in which the phrases are available. For example, you are searching for healthy food. Once enter is clicked, you will get all the related articles to the healthy foods like top ten healthy foods, 50 super nutritious foods, etc.
  • But if you want to search the websites that dedicatedly provide good food recipes and other tips and tricks for getting a nutritious food, then the way to search should be different. This can be searched using “~” symbol. So the modified search should be like this: healthy ~food.


Searching within websites

  • Sometimes you read an article a week back and want to read it again. But who will open that website and search for the article?? A simpler way is to search directly on Google. Suppose you want to search for a salad on bbcgoodfood.com. You should go like this: “bbcgoodfood.com salad”. This will give you the desired result.


Don’t underestimate the power of asterisk

  • Many times it happens that our cunning memory decides to prevent us from recalling that one number or phrase. It is the time when you can make use of the power of asterisk (*). All you need to do is, just replace the phrase you don’t remember with “*” symbol. Suppose you want to search the IP address of your broadband connection which is, but you forgot the second digits. If this is the case, your search should go like this: “192.*.1.1”


Forgot lots of words in a phrase? No Problem

  • When lots of words are missing in the phrase, Google has a solution for this!!!
  • Just by putting “AROUND(approximate number of missing words in the phrase)” will solve your problem. Suppose there is a line “summer is where the girls go barefoot”. You forget the words “where the girls”. So, your search should go like this: summer is AROUND(3) go barefoot. In just one click you can get the whole phrase.


Searching using time frames

  • Sometimes you want to do an urgent search about something in a period then the best way to do that is using three dots “…”. Suppose you want to search the scientific discoveries happened between the year 1990 and 2010.
  • Your search should go like this: “Scientific discoveries 1990…2010”. It will show all the discoveries happened between these two years.


Searching for a title or url

  • For searching some name in the title you need to use “intitle:” before the search term. And for searching the name in the url, you need to use “inurl:”. Suppose you want to search “pug” in a title.
  • Your search should go like this: intitle:pug. And if you want to search the same word in a url, your search should go like this: inurl:pug. Make sure that you use “:” symbol after intitle or inurl without any space between anything.


Want to search similar websites?

  • Found a really interesting website and want to search more websites like that? Google has a solution for this. Just put “related:” before the url of the website and see the magic.
  • Suppose you want to find a similar website like bbcgoodfood.com; your search should go like this: related:bbcgoodfood.com.


Don’t underestimate the power of AND

  • Suppose you search piano Casio guitar. Your search results will include all the articles and websites which have a word piano or Casio or Guitar. But if you modify the search a little bit and make it like this: piano AND Casio AND Guitar then you will get articles and websites in which all the three words are available.


Unwanted search words

  • Suppose you are searching for interesting nutritional foods, but you do not want any recipe. Your search should use a “–“ symbol. In this case, your search should go like this: interesting nutritional foods –recipes.


We hope you enjoyed our article on the most effective ways to search in Google. These are just some of the techniques we explore in our Google SEO course. The foundation of good SEO – good keywords

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