Microsoft Excel – Advanced (1 day)

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Learn the advanced features of Microsoft Excel in our BigRockDesigns course. We begin with a review of the more basic functions (SUM, AVERAGE and MAX) and a number of power shortcuts that will let you accelerate working with Excel formulas. We explain how to find and retrieve data with the VLOOKUP and INDEX functions, calculate totals with counting and statistical functions, extract data with text functions, and work with date, time, array, maths and information functions.

This course can be successfully completed by anyone who has completed the introduction course to Microsoft Excel.


1. Introduction to Excel
2. Entering data
3. Creating Formulas and Functions
4. Formatting
5. Adjusting Worksheet layout and data
6. Printing
7. Charts
8. Adjusting Worksheet views
9. Multiple Worksheets and Workbooks
10. Summary

New Skills

You will have the ability to*:
-Tabulate data from multiple sheets
-Convert formulas to values
-Understand the hierarchy of operations in formulas
-Use absolute and relative references
-Create and expand nested IF statements
-Look up information with VLOOKUP, MATCH, and INDEX
-Use the powerful COUNTIF family of functions
-Analyse data with statistical functions
-Calculate dates and times
-Analyse data with array formulas and functions

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