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In our graphics for the web course we will teach the fundamental principles a user will need to create graphics for the web design and social media. Skills will include: Optimising images, file formats and resizing graphics

In Photoshop Learn to open images from multiple sources, navigate the panels and menus, and work with layers. In our illustrator section we address the basic elements that make up vector graphics – paths, strokes and fills. And how to create rick vector artwork for social media or web


Getting Around
Using Layers
Crop and Straighten
Adjusting Luminance
Select and Edit
Saving Your Progress

Getting Started
Working with Documents
Selecting and Transforming Objects
Working with Fills and Strokes
Working with Paths
Creating Shapes
Using Type in Illustrator
Working with Layers
Printing, Saving, and Exporting


New Skills

You will have the ability to*:
– Open images in Photoshop and Illustrator
– Comfortably navigate the different interfaces
– Design with layers
– Optimise graphics for web and social media
– Create banne artwork
– Save your work in varying formats
*These are some examples of skills demonstrated. For a full list, take a look at our PDF.

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