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Photoshop is a software application that allows the user to work ‘across desktop and mobile devices to create and enhance photographs, website and mobile app designs, 3D artwork, videos and more’ (

This introductory level course in Photoshop focuses on the tools and techniques required to create eye-catching images and graphic design, and also makes reference to the new features offered with Adobe Creative Cloud (CC). The course is delivered by an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) with 15 years’ experience in Adobe training.

This course can be successfully completed by anyone with a standard level of ICT knowledge and skills.


1. Getting Around
2. Image Size and Resolution
3. Using Layers
4. Saving your Progress
5. Crop and Straighten
6. Select and Edit
7. Adjusting Luminance
8. Adjusting Colours
9. Retouch and Heal
10. Summary
1. Understanding Your Workspace
2. Creating a Document
3. Managing Pages
4. Text
5. Graphics
6. Fitting graphics to the frame
7. Formatting Objects
8. Colour
9. Frames and Paths
10. Managing Objects
11. Transforming Objects
12. Character Formatting
13. Paragraph Formatting
14. Styles
15. Tables
16. Long Documents
17. Interactive Documents
18. Packaging, Printing and Exporting


1. Working with Documents
2. Selecting and Transforming Objects
3. Working with Colour
4. Working with Fills and Strokes
5. Working with Paths
6. Creating Shapes
7. The Pen Tool
8.Using Type in Illustrator
9. Exploring the Appearance panel
10. Working with Layers
11. Working with Images
12. Creating and Using Symbols
13. Drawing in Perspective
14. Printing, Saving and Exporting

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New Skills

You will have the ability to*:
– open images from multiple sources
– navigate the panels and menus
– work with layers – the feature that allows you to perform masking and combine effects
– perform important editing tasks i.e. crop and straighten images
– adjust the luminance of an image and correct colour imbalances
*These are some examples of skills demonstrated. For a full list, take a look at our PDF (link below).
For an additional fee you can do a short examination to receive an OCN-accredited BRD certification (please ask when booking the course).

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