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Google SEO Master

In the BigRockDesigns SEO Master course, we explore the key areas a user must understand to successfully market a web site organically on-line. Includes Analytics, Site Audit, Link Building, Keyword Research and Web Master tools

Google Analytics (1/2 day)

Learn how your content is performing: Google Analytics is the standard for web analytics and provides the means to track, analyse and report on site visits, marketing goals and ad revenue generated from your site. In this BigRockDesigns’ course we will demonstrate how to use Google Analytics to measure traffic ad performance, ROI and conversions, plus understand how people use your website. This course covers functionality, from account creation to reporting fundamentals, and explains how to read insights from the vast array of data available.

Google SEO Site Audit (1/2 day)

In this BigRockDesigns SEO Audit course we demonstrate the techniques and systems every site owner should take into consideration in promoting an existing web site or developing a new one. We will explain how you should carry out a complete SEO Audit of your existing site, how to track the results you find, the internal SEO techniques to improve your site and the vital technical SEO requirements for all web sites. On course completion you will have a clear actionable strategy to take your web site to the next level Photoshop

Google SEO Link Building (1/2 day)

Link building refers to the techniques of getting links from other websites to point back to your site, which strengthens your site’s position in search engine results. In this BigRockDesigns course, we analyse the structure of a link, how links affect page ranking, and reveals the properties that make an excellent external link. Our course also demonstrates reciprocal linking; link building via press releases, blogs, and articles; and the importance of using quality links that are search-engine friendly. Not all links are equal, in this course we will teach you how to find the link building Gold

Google Keyword Research (1/2 day)

In this BigRockDesigns course we help you explore the best sources for keywords and how to build a keyword list with research and management tools. We show you how to filter and interpret keyword data, observe trends, and better understand the intent of the searcher, and how to develop an informed strategy and implement keywords throughout your site for maximum searchability. We explore how to apply your keywords and how to measure the results of your SEO efforts

WebMaster Tools  (Search Console) (1/2 day)

Google Webmaster Tools is a must learn tool to assist in the ranking of your sites; every web site owner must know how WebMaster tools works and why you should implement what you learn. Our course will teach you how to: manage errors, help Google index your site and view critical analytics. We begin with an introduction to the dashboard. Then we explore the main features.


Google Analytics (1/2 day)
What Is Web Analytics?
Google Analytics Fundamentals
Understanding accounts and profile administration
Detailed Reports
Visitor and Audience Reports
Advertising Reports
Traffic Sources and Channel Reports
Behavior and Content Reports

Google SEO Site Audit  (1/2 day)
Introduction to SEO Audit strategies
Preparing for your audit
Site Audit Part 1 – On Site Optimisation
SEO Audit Part 2 – Technical Optimisation
SEO Audit Part 3
SEO Audit Part 4
Website Promotion
Completing your web site audit

Google SEO Link Building  (1/2 day)
Link Building Strategy
Understand about link building
Backlink questions answered
The Importance of Understanding Your Competition When Link Building
Link Building Tactics & Techniques: Where to Find and Acquire Links
Directories Which ones should I use
SEO Resources and Key Downloads
Pulling your linking strategy together

Google Keyword Research  (1/2 day)
Keyword Research
Why you must understand keywords
Keyword Research Tools
How to generate a list of short and long tail keywords
Determine those traffic driving keywords
Analysing Keyword Competition to Find your Winners
Put your keyword Research into Action

WebMaster Tools (Search Console)  (1/2 day)
Search Appearance
Google Developer
Search Traffic
Google index
Crawl (google spiders)


New Skills

You will have the ability to*:

– create an account and upload videos
– author a video blog
– share content via Facebook, Twitter and other social networks
– track views, audience demographics and viewer interest
– make money with your videos

You will have the ability to*:
– customise the window layout and the interface
– edit clips into the Timeline
– mark and select the best takes from clips
– create titles and credit rolls
– export and archive projects

After Effects
– use layers, masks, blend modes and track mattes
– build complex objects with Pre-compose
– create 3D projects from Illustrator files
– animate type on a path
– paint in graphics with the Reverse Stabilization feature

Camera Techniques
– manual settings on your camera
– camera movement to get more impressive shots
– Light your video sets
– best audio techniques
*These are some examples of skills demonstrated. For a full list, take a look at our PDF.

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