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In this BigRockDesigns GIS Mapping course learn to build and construct data, maps, and models. The maain features common to all GIS products, alternatively we can also deliver using client’s preferred software by prior agreement. We will show you how to navigate maps and start adding  data and importing information from existing databases. Learn to edit individual map elements, connect to advanced geospatial sources. We demonstrate the finer points of working with vector vs. raster data, and how to format your map to allow easy interpretation, including features such as legend, scale bar, and annotations.

This course can be successfully completed by anyone with a standard level of ICT knowledge and skills.


1.What is GIS (Geographic Information System)
2.Organising your Map
3.Using Data Layers
4.Using Vector Data
5.Using Raster Data
6.Formatting Your Map
7.Generating Data
8.Varying Views of the Map
9.Targeting Map Elements
10.What is Geospatial Data
11. Geoprocessing Explained
12.Using the ModelBuilder
13.Completing Your Map

New Skills

You will have the ability to*:
–Understand the ArcMap interface
–Learn about Geocoding addresses
–Measuring distances
–Importing and Adding data
–Labeling and adding graphs
–Making selections
–Geospatial data with ArcCatalog
*These are some examples of skills demonstrated. For a full list, take a look at our Download PDF Course Outline

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