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Our Digital Marketing Master course encompasses SEO, WordPress, Email Marketing, Google AdWords & Analytics and Social Media. It demonstrates how to promote your company’s brand, increase sales, drive traffic to a site and engage with customers using today’s primary social networking tools.

Day 1 – Writing for the Web

Our course aims to develop practical, achievable skills for writing for online media, including keeping your content updated, writing at the right level for your audience and avoiding jargon. Thinking like this helps improve the chances that customers will return to your site time and again.

Day 2 – Email Marketing

Improve email marketing campaigns by building a quality subscriber list; maintain company brand and reputation by complying with spam laws; create valuable email content and ensure emails are branded consistently.

Day 3 – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Discover what SEO is and how to use it to increase website visibility to search engines, attracting the right traffic to the right pages on your site. Gain those vital citations and learn how to develop a strategy to attract users to your site.

Day 4 – WordPress

Get the most out of the self-hosted version of WordPress and create feature-rich blogs and websites. We will explain how to get a web host, set up a domain, and download, configure and upload WordPress to your newly hosted site.

Day 5 – (1/2 day) Facebook for Business

Promote your company’s brand, increase sales, engage customers and drive site traffic using Facebook and Twitter. Social media marketing and the basics of creating a successful online presence are covered.

Day 5 – (1/2 day) Video Marketing With YouTube

Learn how to market, view, upload and share videos on YouTube. We will demonstrate how to set up your account, build a following, promote your videos on Facebook and Twitter and provide you with the best techniques to shoot and edit film specifically for a YouTube audience.


Writing for the Web
Write for Fast Reading Reading Age and Tone Don’t Tease: What’s in It for Me? Front-Load Your Content Remove the Sales Pitch Provide Detailed Information and Useful Images Actively Manage the Information You Publish Marketing with a Blog Blogging marketing strategies Blogging platforms overview

Using email in your marketing mix
Building an Email List
Designing an Effective Marketing Email
Making Your Email Content Valuable
Creating Effective “From” Addresses and Subject Lines
Combining Email with Social Media and Mobile Devices
Maximizing Your Email Campaign Results
Getting Started with MailChimp
Introducing MailChimp
Creating and Sending Campaigns
Working with Sign-Up Forms
Working with Subscriber Lists
Engaging Your Subscribers
MailChimp Paid Account Features

Google Search Console
Google PageSpeed Insights
Using Screaming Frog SEO Spider
Google Keyword Planner
Google Structured Data
Find the Rich Resources of Keywords
Managing Keyword Data for Maximum Insights
Find Searcher Intent from Keyword Searches
Adding Three-Dimensional Keyword Data
Apply Keywords to Your Website

Getting Started with WordPress Self-Hosting Setting Up Your User Profile Creating Posts and Pages Managing Images, Video and Other Media Extending WordPress Functionality with Plug-ins Working with Themes WordPress behind the Scenes The Twenty Fourteen (Default) Theme The Appearance Tab WordPress Settings Exporting and Importing WordPress Content WordPress Site Maintenance and Security Getting Readers Diving Further into the World of WordPress

Finding and Watching Video
Joining the YouTube Community
Developing Video Content for YouTube
Understanding Video Technology for YouTube
Compressing and Uploading Videos for YouTube
Sharing YouTube Videos
Doing More with YouTube Video

Facebook for Business
Building Your Page
Building Your Audience
Activating Your Audience
Advanced Facebook Posts
Interacting with Your Audience
Promoting Your Business on Facebook
Understanding Insights
Advanced Page Features
Managing Pages on the Go

New Skills

Learn to wrtie for online media,
learn to write at the right level for your audience
Answer the right question
Provide the right detail
Learn to keep the user engaged

Create an SEO strategy that works
Effective key word research
Fix Internal SEO issues
Learn key factors of external SEO
Interpret the Google Search Console

Keyword research for videos
Optimise your video for maximum online impact
Recording tips and techniques
Understanding video analytics
How to engage with your customers

Erin design considerations
Dos and donuts for effective email marketing
Erin design considerations
Legalities of email marketing
Analysing your email analytics

Learn to setup WordPress
Install a theme
Back up your content
Next level with plugins

Create your strategy
Take home actionable tasks that work
Achieve optimum engagement
Convert visitors into customers

*These are some examples of skills demonstrated. For a full list, take a look at our PDF download.


“Digital Marketing Master Course Having extensively researched digital marketing training options in Northern Ireland, I decided to choose Big Rock Designs, Belfast. The training suit was kitted out with new Apple Mac computers and the latest Adobe software, which I felt ensured a positive learning experience right from day one. The course material was very comprehensive and well structured, suitable for all levels of experience; from complete beginners to the more advanced. The modules on the course were logically sequenced; WordPress then SEO, Email Marketing and Social Media, and knowledge gained from one built on the next in a well-structured framework. The Digital Marketing Master course was very hands on, with Peter offering feedback and an array of helpful tips when carrying out practical activities, ensuring confidence in application on return to the workplace. On a final note, I would like to highlight that I have seldom met the level of customer support that was offered to me by Peter and his team, both during and after the training was complete. That in itself adds enormous value to the course. Overall, this course, will not disappoint in terms of both value for money and the skills gained to progress your organisation’s marketing strategy digitally.” Catherine McSherry, Mcbride and McCreesh Opticians
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