AutoCAD 2017 – Introduction (2 days)

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Learn the skills to produce AutoCAD 2017 effectively in a variety of industries – architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, or product design. We will review the user interface and take you through all of AutoCAD’s tools, menus and features. Learn to create and modify geometry, layers, blocks, dimensions, and layouts. Find out how to draw more accurately with AutoCAD’s snapping and coordinate model, and add text and annotations that help others understand your drawings.

This course can be successfully completed by anyone with a standard level of ICT knowledge and skills.


1. Navigating your Drawings
2. Managing Files and Options
3. How to Draw
4. Editing your Objects
5. Drawing Accurately
6. Hatching and Gradients
7. Using Text
8. Dimensioning
9. Object and Layer Properties
10. Reusing Content
11. Attributes and Tables
12. External References
13. Artwork Output
14. Summary
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New Skills

You will have the ability to*:
– draw points and donuts
– frame text in a title block
– edit dimensions and dimension overrides
– redefine block definitions
– clip XREFs
*These are some examples of skills demonstrated. For a full list, take a look at our PDF (link below).

Funding & Discounts


At BigRockDesigns, we provide high-quality training which is also value for your money by providing some special savings plans for our customers. (A maximum of 25% off can be given if eligible for more than one of the following discounts.)


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If you work for a charity or educational establishment you can claim a 10% discount on any of our open courses. If you work freelance and are funding the training yourself, you can also claim a 10% discount on the open course price.


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