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Photoshop CC 2017 New Feature – Face Aware Liquify
Photoshop CC 2017 New Feature - Face Aware Liquify

In this tutorial we have identified a new feature in Photoshop 2017 which we think you will like

Open the liquify Panel – Select FilterLiquify


1. Face Aware Liquify

In this exercise learn to
– Edit a Face shape
– Isolate elements of a face
– Uniformly edit elements such as eyes


Open a suitable image containing 1 or a group of people. This image has been taken from pixabay.com


A. Initial Setting

Select Face Tool and Show Overlay

faceaware liquify tutorial


B. Face Aware liquify settings

  • Edit values as required; such as nose, mouth or face shape.

faceaware liquify settings


C. Edit Live Features

  • Provided Show Face Overlay is selected, a visual indicator will provide reference on the screen for the element.
  • Select the points on the eye for example and move to required position

Note – By holding down the shift key it will edit both eyes simultaneously

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