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Adobe Certification

ACA Certification

We know that it’s difficult to stand out amongst the crowd in today’s competitive market. We also understand that you’re probably looking for new ways to showcase your expertise and get that competitive advantage over other professionals. Adobe gives the professional the opportunity to become an Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) by using Adobe Certified Associate Testing centres such as BigRockDesigns that have the right combination of technical and industry expertise.

Adobe Certification Levels – ACA or ACE?

There are two types of Adobe certification: ACA and ACE (Adobe Certified Expert). ACA provides certification at the introductory to intermediate level. BigRockDesigns provides professional ACA training and examinations on-site

What are the real benefits of becoming Adobe Certified?

As an industry-recognised standard of excellence, becoming Adobe-certified clearly communicates your knowledge on specific Adobe products. Whether you want a pay rise, to promote your expertise, or to get a new job, becoming Adobe certified will assist in achieving your goal.

  • stand out from your peers
  • boost your confidence
  • expand your career opportunities
  • get ahead in a competitive market
  • If you are experienced in Adobe software

    If you have previous knowledge of Adobe software, simply book on to one of our exam preparation days that conclude with the ACA examination. An Adobe-certified trainer will provide training on the specific Adobe software beforehand, so you’ll feel fully prepared when taking the exam.

    If you’re new to Adobe software

    You can learn through our BRD Graphic Master which comprises Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. Or take any of the Adobe courses separately in our 2-day training programmes. Follow these up with a 1/2 day exam preparation course, guided by an Adobe expert, and the exam itself

    What if I wish to take multiple Adobe certification training classes?

    We have special discounts for anyone wishing to take multiple certification courses. Email or telephone us and we can discuss your options.