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Adobe InDesign: Speed up your Workflow

Save time with Adobe InDesign shortcuts. Here are four videos showcasing techniques to get the job done quicker, using Scripts; Interactivity; Styles; and Default Fonts.

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1. Scripts – Rotate Text Character

text-rotate adobe indesign

  • Thousands of Scripts: I recently worked on a document where a character had to be rotated and I discovered this.
  • Rotate Text Script: Instead of placing text in a separate text box and doing a text wrap, I found the following script that did everything in one action. Saved a lot of time and an action I can implement again and again.
  •  To access the script use the following link: Script Download

2. Creating a 2-step button in an interactive PDF

  • Why not add another level to your buttons in your interactive PDFs?
  • Instead of the one-state button, create one that changes appearance when you mouse-over.

3. Creating and Applying Styles


  • Styles can be complex and cumbersome to apply; especially when there are large quantity to choose from.
  • However, an efficient way to create and apply the style is to use a number system: they are easier to apply and no extra work to create. We document how to do this in the following video:

4. Changing the Default Font


  • If you are constantly using a common font and changing to that font multiple times throughout your document production, why not be more efficient and set the font as a default?
  • It will automatically apply each time you create a new text box.


Save time and get more done. When you use these time-saving techniques in Adobe InDesign, be sure to let us know what you achieve.

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