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How can I make my webinar a marketing tool?
How can I make my Webinar a Marketing Tool

6 Topics to Consider

Nowadays, webinars are becoming a hot favorite tool for online marketing. This is because the web-based conferences are a great way to generate more and more leads to increase the sales. There are many different ways using which the marketing power of webinars can be leveraged.
The best part about webinar presentations is that everything can be done just by sitting in front of your home computer whether it is you or your audience. If done in a right manner, webinars are a very cost effective way to strengthen your brand and promote its loyalty.
It is very important to choose your webinar topic wisely to keep the audience interested as well as make them come back again and again. In this article, I am going to show you the top six topics that can make your webinar presentation interesting:


1) Webinars on case study

Before putting your hands on webinar as a marketing tool, you must have used testimonials to show the audience how valuable your products or services are. No doubt, testimonials are a great way to sell products, but webinars go one-step further.
It is very important to include a customer’s story in your webinar. You can show how the product or service was beneficial for the customer. It is better to showcase at least two real life examples along with the real facts and figures. Facts and figures always leave an impression on the audience mind.


2) Webinars on education to the audience

This most popular topic for webinar attracts those customers who are interested in learning more about your product or service. This type of webinar provides detailed information about the product which shows its true value.
Using educational webinars, you can easily show the customers, how your product is different from the similar products available in the market. You can give a chance to already existing customers to ask for a solution to the issue that they are facing. Not only this, you can show other products and services that are currently being offered. Make sure that you do not start hard selling those products. All you need to do is just make your customer aware. Hard selling can drive your audience away.


3) Industry Experts in a webinar

This type of webinar is very effective as an expert from an industry tries to solve the problems of the customers in a professional way. It is done by inviting an expert to speak at an online event. Here are the advantages of keeping an expert webinar:

a) Audience trusts the head of the industry more than you. So, it will automatically increase the number of audience attending your webinar
b) Sales can be boosted as it is being sold from the mouth of an expert who can give his own different perspective about the product.

4) Webinars for training

Webinars for training are held mostly for the already existing customers. Through these seminars, you can show the customers the way to use the products or services. Training webinar is a great way to show the customer that you care about them and are ready to listen and solve any issue related to the product.
In the training webinar, you can also promote your other products which help a lot in boosting the sales as now the customer knows that the product is top notch.


5) Webinar for Q&A

Mostly all the webinars cover the Question and Answer session, but it is better if you organize a special webinar exclusively for Q&A. This will be highly beneficial because all the queries are audience driven. Many already existing customers, as well as new audience, sign up for the webinar; although, the percentage of already existing customers is high.
It is very important to prepare all the queries beforehand. For this, you need to think about the questions that the audience can ask. Q&A webinar is quite tricky as any wrong or confusing answer can lead to a breach of trust.


6) Webinars for discussion

This webinar is very interesting as it helps in providing various perspectives on a topic. You can easily take the advantage of influence panelists to boost your authority. Expert opinion keeps the audience engaged as well as leads to more signups.
It is very important that the webinars should be highly professional. You can add a little comedy factor to keep the audience engaged, but in the end make sure that the audience needs are catered.



We hope you have enjoyed our article on webinars. We have reviewed a variety of webinars and techniques to compile our list

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