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Re-Purposing Marketing Content (Part 1)
Re-purposing Marketing Content Part 1/4

Maximise Your Content – Minimise Your Workload

This month at BigRockDesigns we’re focusing on infographics and the new social media courses we’ll be introducing over the summer. That got us thinking about social media content, but did you know you can create it and cut your workload? When you create content, think beyond just that article. A story or concept can be so much more by re-purposing it in different formats, such as an infographic, a Tweet or a podcast, to name just a few.

First Steps – What content do you have?
If you have a plumbing business and you’ve spent some time writing an article on the benefits of installing gas heating, you’ll probably have posted that blog on your website. Now rather than re-inventing the wheel and having to write another article (and spend time away from your business) you can re-use that blog in a number of different ways that will improve your business’ social reach. Different formats should provide more audiences, thereby increasing the chances of sharing. Think about the platforms, such as Facebook, and the formats (i.e. video) that will boost engagement.

From Blog Post to Infographics
With our graphic design interests here at BRD, we love infographics. Using attraction for attention is a great maxim to bear in mind when promoting your business, especially on social media where visual impact is so important (and visual content generally gets shared more often).

Going back to our gas heating article, our plumber can convert the information into an infographic with a bit of planning (i.e. by summarizing the blog post paragraphs into headings) and editing (cutting out the additional information so that only the essentials remain). The summarizing/editing process also means the content can be more easily tweeted (by turning it into manageable 140-character chunks). Additionally, it can assist with planning for turning it into a video or podcast.

Part 2 of Re-Purposing Content will look at more of its benefits and the types of content that are best suited to it.

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