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Re-Purposing Marketing Content (Part 2)
Re-purposing Marketing Content Part 2/4

Re-purposing benefits and the types of content to use

In our previous blog post we discussed why you should be re-purposing the marketing content you’ve spent time and energy crafting, with the main benefit being it allows you to get on with running your own business. Two further benefits of re-purposing content are:

  • Improving your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) with increased website traffic and links to your website
  • Reaching many people, on a variety of platforms, and in varied formats ensures you get your message across

Some types of content for re-purposing:

  • If you’re lucky to have had a blog post go viral, it’s the obvious place to start with re-purposing, as it’s already been shown to be popular. Remember that going viral is relative; what’s viral for a large organisation will involve much bigger numbers than for an SME.
  • You might also have a how-to blog post (say, on creating a plaited hair-style) that will remain relevant for a long time and be of use to many people. Now think about re-packaging that information in a different format, such as turning that hair-style article into a short video for YouTube or into a ’10-minute cheat-sheet’ for busy parents.

If you’ve yet to go viral or get a lot of engagement

Look back on your previous blog posts. Some of the good, informative ones could be just re-published as they are; or updated with recent new developments; or given a boost with some infographics. Think about adding in a client case-study to back up your points and to provide your audience with a story they can relate to.

According to Neil Patel:

…. it’s more like refreshing — finding a new purpose for existing information and tweaking your blog post so that it appeals to a larger audience segment and becomes fresh content again. Your target audience may then want to share it on their social media platforms, and your search engine results may also get a boost… (a Forbes top 10 internet marketer).

 Part 3 of Re-Purposing Content will discuss two of the easiest re-packaging formats to get into – infographics and emails.

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