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Re-Purposing Marketing Content (Part 3)
Re-purposing Marketing Content Part 3/4

In our last blog post, we looked at some of the benefits of re-purposing your carefully-crafted content. This time, we’re working out what to turn that into. Why not try:

  • Infographics, and/or
  • Email Marketing

Canva LogoInfographics are a great way to get engagement – with their attractive visuals they usually get shared more frequently than a blog post. A good place to start is Canva, which offers a free version to get you started.

When you’re creating your infographic, planning is key. Ask yourself ‘what is the story I want to tell here?’ and ‘does the original title still work?’ Maybe the title needs to be more dynamic? Then look at the sections of your blog post – can they be turned into the main sections of your infographic? Choose the right chart, typography, illustrations and photographs to support your points. Make sure your infographic has balance and a good use of colour (one that fits with your logo too).

Email Marketing

Email marketing provides excellent returns – time spent on this will be well worth it for your business:

Your message is five times more likely to be seen in email than via Facebook (Radicati)

Using email marketing is an ideal way to add to to your existing social media presence. A good place to start is MailChimp.

BigRockDesigns Email MarketingDepending on the length of your content, you could split it up and create an email series over a period of time (again, think about the story you’re telling – what do you want your reader to learn? What action do you want them to take at the end of your email(s)?

In our final Re-Purposing Content we’ll take another step and look at creating videos and videographics.






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