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Lead Forensics is great. What are the alternatives?
Alternative for Lead Forensics

Nowadays, it is very important for any online business, seeking to capitalize on their website investment, to identify, target and convert web prospects into sales. The IP address is one of the many profitable ways to generate leads. This type of search includes all the important information related to the company such as demographics, contact details and search behaviour of the visitors. Once you have gained the list of prospective customers, it is then up to you and the sales people how they use it to transform into ready to purchase prospects.

  • To gain leads using this IP address method, one has to use a robust software tool. And if you are the one looking for such tool then Lead Forensics is an answer. Lead Forensics, established in 2009, is a market leader in the field of web-based lead generation.
  • Working Method of Lead Forensics

Those who opt for the services of Lead Forensics are provided with a code. This code is then integrated into every web page by the web developer of the website. Once it is done, the code starts tracking and cross-referencing the IP address of every visitor to the website against company and contact information held within a vast database network.

There are many benefits of using Lead Forensics. Some selling points are:

  • CRM integration
  • Data Manager
  • Customer Success Manager
  • Unlimited user access
  • A Range of exportable reports to choose from
  • User Friendly Dashboard

Using the data manager feature, the users can create of list of high prospective clients to set alert whenever one of these listed clients visits the website.


It is very important that your website should be of high quality combined with a long term dedication from your sales team. This is because the Lead Forensics has a minimum contract period of 12 months starting from approximately £150 per month. This per month price that the company charges the online business owners varies according to the amount of traffic generated by the website. An initial free trial period is set to decide the pricing and if the business owner wants to continue or not.

No doubt, Lead Forensics is the market leader, but there are many other tools flowing on the internet that offer almost same services as Lead Forensics. Let’s have a look at those….

  • WOW Analytics

WOW Analytics use the same methods to generate leads as used by Lead Forensics. However, this software has some additional features. These are:

  • Monitoring of PPC conversion rate
  • Evaluation of keyword performance
  • Ability to track lead sources

However, the aforementioned three features are available in Google analytics also, but WOW analytics presents the information in a properly arranged sequence. Every web visitor is assigned a score according to the pages visited. An alert is set for the high score visitors who browse multiple pages or visit the website again and again. These visitors are named as ‘hot leads’. Whenever a hot lead visits the website, sales team is alerted to contact him/her before a competitor does. There is one pricing of £200 per month and additional alerts are chargeable. At this price the business owner is provided up to 10,000 page views.

  • Ruler Analytics

Ruler analytics functions in the same way as Lead Forensics with an additional feature of metrics dashboard. Using this dashboard, the owner can get a detailed analysis about the performance of all his/her online marketing activity. Numerous packages are available on the website to choose from. Along with this, pay as you go style contracts are also available. The membership or contracts can be cancelled any time.

  • AI Webstats

The best part about AI webstats is that there is no contract and the service is available at a pocket friendly rate of £49 per month. The features available are:

  • Telephone support
  • Video tutorials
  • Collates a detailed data of visitor movement within the website
  • Contact details of the company
  • com

Along with providing its services at £69 per month, whoisvisiting.com also serves low traffic websites at the rate of £19 per month. Up to 5000 contact details are provided at this price.


The way CANNDI works is different as compared to Lead Forensics. Where Lead Forensics tracks IP address, CANNDI tracks cookies. There are many features provided by this service. These are:

  • Telephone support
  • Custom reports
  • CRM integration
  • Lead scoring
  • Phone tracking
  • Bulk email integration

A benefit of cookie tracking is that the owners can track multiple individuals from the same company. However, there is a drawback of cookie tracking as the cookies can be flagged or eliminated by the antivirus. It all depends on how a business owner makes a decision. The service starts at £149 per month.

  • IP Fingerprint

IP fingerprint works in conjunction with Google analytics offering same services as Lead Forensics along with an effective evaluation tool for checking online marketing performance. Business owners have to contact the support team to get the prices.

  • HubSpot

Along with many marketing programs, HubSpot offers reverse IP tracking tool. This tool saves a lot of time by creating automated reports which can be sent to the clients.

It is very important to choose the right service provider for an online business as this can make or break your business. Choose one depending on the size of the business and the resources that focus on conversion rates, traffic increase and improving website performance.

People do not make a purchase decision in one go. 96% leave your website without purchasing any service or product. The companies aforementioned can provide the contact detail and traffic source to identify the repeat visitors enabling the sales force to channelize the resources in a right direction. Keep in mind that the company’s contact information is provided, not the individual one. It is the task of the sales team to research and gain access to the correct individual by searching on social media sites such as LinkdIn.



After the establishment of Lead Forensics, more and more companies started offering similar services. No doubt, Lead Forensics has an edge with proven reviews and awards, but you can try other services if you are low on budget or want to just see how things work. Of course, Lead Forensics is class apart, but just to get an idea you can go for something else.







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