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How can I improve my Google Places Page Ranking?
How to Improve Google Places Page Ranking

How to check your Google Places Page ranking

It may be more simple to optimise Google Places Page, but the real task is to improve its ranking. After some in-depth research, we have finally selected five ways for business owners to improve their Google Places Ranking.


Business Listings

The first step that Google algorithm takes while ranking the page is to verify if the business is real or not. This is done by checking how often the business name, address and phone number (BAP) are listed on the internet. You must have heard about the way search engine optimisation is done using backlinks. The ranking is done on the basis of the number of backlinks on the internet. Same is done by Google in the case of business listings.

The best option is to go for a website which allows you to list the business locally as well as on a national platform. View this popular list of  citation web sites


Consistent BAP

The name, address and phone number (BAP) should be correct and up to date on all the websites your business is listed in. The Google algorithm will get confused and opt for a lower rank if the BAP is not updated on all the directories. We offer the service of checking the consistency of BAP of your business across the web.

To check the consistency of your business BAP, do a Google search to see how your listings are being displayed. If you find anything wrong or not up to date, contact the website people and have it changed. Google algorithm for ranking a page is highly complex and any change can demote the rank. So, address change whether it is a business address or website address should be taken seriously. Your work can be made easier by using our service of building a citation report which includes all the citations of your business.


BAP on website

There is no use if you list BAP of the business on all the local and national directories, but your own business website. Apart from including a contact page, make sure that the address and other contact information should be on the top as well as the bottom of every page of the website. This can be easily done using the Schema markup.


Embed a Google Map

There are two benefits of embedding a Google Map in your contacts page. Firstly, it helps Google in making sure that your business is actually located at the address listed. Secondly, it becomes easy to navigate your address. An example can be viewed on our contact page.

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There is no rocket science behind embedding a Google Map. Just open Google Maps and search for your business. Once you find it, click on three lines beside the name of the business and you will get an option “share or embed map”. Select this option and a pop-up will open with two options on the top: share link and embed map. Click on “embed map” option and you will see a code in a text box. Copy this code and paste it into your contacts page.


Customer or Visitor Reviews

Customer or visitor reviews helps a lot in bringing up the page rank. This is because Google prefers a website which has 10 or more reviews over a website with no review. This provides the searcher with the most relevant results.

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Finally, Evaluate the Rankings

After completing all the above steps, it is important to evaluate your business ranking and if it is still low, you should follow two very important steps:

  1. Check the businesses which are ranking above you. Once you find them, search the directories in which those businesses are listed, and list your business there.
  2. Citation building helps in improving the page rank.

Follow the instructions and just sit and see how your website is being added in the top ten Google results.

To learn more about local SEO have a look at our SEO training course in Belfast and Dublin.

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