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How can I achieve more with my Facebook Ads?
How can I achieve more with my Facebook ads

Are your Facebook Ads working?

Are you using Facebook Ads for marketing online? Are you getting good returns using this strategy? If not, then it is the time to consider giving FB ads another chance.

As a marketing consultant, I get to meet many business owners and marketers who are trying to promote a business. Whenever they meet me for learning the marketing strategies, the first question I ask them is, “How they are using Facebook for their business?” Mostly, the answer I get is “We spend some money on Facebook for online marketing, get views, put videos for views, get likes and make fans, but ultimately the Return On Investment (ROI) is never as expected.” I can make out that you are one of them and of course that is why you are here reading this post!!


Strategies to get a great ROI on the money spent on Facebook ads:


  • Build an attractive content

This is the most important step and it also gives you the diversity to create a type of content that you love the most whether it is an e-book or blog posts or videos or webinars. Mode of the content does not matter; what matters is the quality. There are two things that you need to keep in mind while creating content:

  1. You need to make sure that the content should be on your website. Many people just put the content on different websites like articles on an article submission website, but they ignore the most important platform i.e. their own website.
  2. The content should be engaging as well as relevant to the product. Do not create just one content and sit back thinking that it will promote your website. You need to create a lot of quality content.


  • Target Your Fans First

Now, once you have created a nice content, it is the time to target it to a known audience also known as the warm audience. These are the people who are already your Facebook fans and subscribers.

After putting the content you need to understand the type of audience interested in your page. Based on this data, try to create a lookalike audience that will help in promoting the content to the cold audience. This is the thing that is going to take you very far.

Your main aim is to get people to see your content and trust Facebook for this as it is equipped to get you the right audience. Also, you can do some exchange stuff with other Facebook groups or pages. You can ask them to keep your content on their page in exchange for their content at your page. This helps a lot on retargeting the audience.


  • Move the audience from being aware to interested

Now, as your audience is aware of your business by checking the content, it is the time to build their interest. And once the interest is built, you can easily draw them to the landing page. The best way to do this is by using videos as videos can give your business a face. In the video, offers can be introduced which can take the audience directly to the product page or landing page. But this is not the end…


  • It’s the time to convert the audience from interested in considering your product

Well, till this time some people get converted and start showing interest in your offers, but the percentage of these types of people is really low. You need to convert more and more audience. And this can be done by again putting a video saying, “Thank you for checking the product page” or “Wait, we have some more tempting offers for you”. In this video, you can put free trials, discounts, and even a free e-book.


  • Show your product benefits and testimonials

Now, once you have pulled the audience through discounts and free trials, it is the time to run a new Facebook ad talking about your product and showing testimonials. Testimonials from other people are a great way to build trust and pull the audience.bigrockdesigns acebook-ads


  • Now, it is the time for hard sell

Finally, people have used your trial, discounts and other offers; it is the time to make them buy your service or a product. This can be done by running another Facebook ad that runs a very personalised video in which you can thank them for using the trial, offer or discount or attending a webinar, but something is holding them to make a final purchase. Offer them your contact information to make a call or email in case of any questions or doubt.

Your main focus is to get people to your site and this can be done by building more content and putting more and more offers and discounts.

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