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Why does my business need a blog?
Why does my Business need a Blog


  • You all must have read and heard about blogging and how important it is for growing a business. Many companies make the biggest mistake of ignoring the power of blogging and just concentrating on social media and email marketing. However, these two things are important for growing a business, but building a good blog can take you to the top ten results of Google.
  • The best part about blogging is that you don’t have to be an expert to build a successful blog. It can be created by anybody not only to drive traffic to a business but also out of interest.
  • A business runs around blogging and it can monetize any damn business in this world.
    Still not convinced? Well, then roll your sleeves up and read on. I bet you will at least plan to start a blog after reading this article. So read on….


1) Blog is a traffic generating machine

Blogging is a great way to attract traffic to your website. If you are trying to promote a business online, then you must have heard the term Search Engine Optimization abbreviated as SEO. According to its rules, new content gets a better ranking on Google. This is the property blogging takes advantage of.
Every blog article posted is equivalent to one more page on the site. This gives an opportunity to get a good ranking. Google prefers a business with a blog rather than the one with no blog.

2) Optimize your post

Google algorithm is highly complex and to reach in the top ten results, you need to optimize the blog content. This is done by putting relevant keywords in the blog as well as the title.
But there is a catch. Many blog owners misunderstand the meaning of putting keywords. They just try to stuff their article with different keywords related to the business. But actually, you just need to sprinkle some keywords here and there in the blog so that it looks natural. Blogs with stuffed keywords are looked down by Google.

3) Option of sharing on social media

We all know how important social media is in our personal life. Same is the case with our business. Everybody knows, if you have a business, it should have a face on social media. And it is quite possible that you update your page time and again by sharing new and interesting content.
A major benefit of blogging is that you can share your blog content on the social media site. This helps in bringing additional traffic and a great way to engage an untapped market.

4) Great content for newsletter

Your weekly or monthly newsletter is now covered in the blog. Now there is no need to create additional content for the newsletters. You can pick anything interesting from the blog and send it to the subscribers to feast their eyes upon.

5) Others can share your content

It is highly possible that somebody reading your blog likes it so much that he/she wants to shout it out on their own channel. She/he can share it on their blogs and social media sites. This is good for two reasons:
Firstly, it is a new channel for bringing more traffic to your site. Every new audience to your site can be converted to a lead.
Secondly, it gives you inbound links which are very important in today’s competition. These links are taken as super important by Google algorithm.

6) One of the ways to convert traffic to leads

Everybody knows, all this promotion, time and money investment is all about leads!!!
Basically, if you ask me and if you see how the blog works for promotion: The more pages means more leads. But it does not mean that you keep on creating a keyword stuffed content which is neither interesting nor informative.
To get more out of a blog, you can give an opportunity to visit your website or upgrade the content by adding a new link at the end which leads to a video, a newsletter, checklist, PDF post, ebook, anything you like. You can write something like this, “Hey, why don’t you check out our video?” or “Click here to subscribe to our newsletter. We promise there would be nothing junk”.

7) More content: Just repackage it

Blogs give you an opportunity to distribute your content on the internet by using the same information here and there. You never know from a lead gets generated.

8) Blog gives your business a face

Through blogs, you can solve the queries of existing customers as well as the new perspective audience. This shows that you are a business expert and customers see you as a trustworthy source. And trust is everything when comes to building a good relationship.
This also makes you famous which leads to other bloggers, industry players and journalists contact you for an interview. Not only this, you will get numerous inbound links and as aforementioned, how important inbound links are for Google.

9) Blog content is evergreen

Your blog will forever keep on generating traffic if it is informative and optimized properly. Google love the articles which are reviewed and liked by the readers. Commenting or linking a blog post helps in bringing it to the top. This is because, if the article is commented or liked, it is obviously informative for the readers.

10) Helps in market research

By reading the comments of the readers and checking out which content is getting a greater number of comments or likes, you can get to know what is in the audience mind. This is highly beneficial as you can get an idea about how to tailor your next blog piece.

11) Low cost marketing channel

Blogging = No Investment = Loads of leads
The above line explains itself.

12) Advertise in blogs

You can add a little bit advertisements in your blog. Suppose you have an online business of hair accessories. In the blog, you can add some pictures of beautiful hair accessories and give some information related to the product.

13) Add a blog page in the website

Adding a blog page on your website helps in generating more and more leads. If your blog has a good content and is on a good rank, then it is quite possible that adding similar blogs to your website can help in bringing traffic to it. This brings double benefit through the same piece of content.

Convinced? Now, build one for your business.

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