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What are the best Plugins to manage a WordPress editorial workflow?
Best Plugins to Manage a WordPress Editorial Workflow

10 hand-picked plugins to achieve this:

No doubt, WordPress has made it really easy for a layman to manage an online business, but at the same time, it poses a lot of difficulties. It is really difficult and time-consuming to manage a multi-author site on WordPress. The entire process of managing the content and distributing it safely demands a lot of time and effort.

But now, there is no need to worry as WordPress has a solution to it. The solution is in the form of plugins which you can install to make the task easier.

So, let’s roll up our sleeves as we present ten hand-picked plugins that cover the three most important components of content creation i.e. Planning, Management, and Distribution. The result: No more sleepless nights, no more email attachments and no more disorganized files. So here it is….


  • Good Writer Checkify

We all make checklists, whether going to a supermarket or shifting a house. The same is to be done on WordPress using a very important plugin “Good Writer Checkify”. This plugin is highly beneficial for those who have a team of writers hired for creating quality content.

Using “Good Writer Checkify”, you can easily share the checklist for producing good content with other writers in your team. The plugin has ten slots which you can use to create an item like “Top 10 checklists for funny content” or “Checklist for creating a professional content”. You can easily leverage the power of checklists to ensure that your readers are reading what they actually want.


  • Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is being ranked as the best SEO plugin with over one million active installs. Everyone is aware of how SEO can easily make or break a website. There is no use of putting a great content on your website without sprinkling some target keywords. Target keywords help in optimizing your content for the search engine and drive relevant traffic to your pages.

All the relevant aspects of on-page SEO to get a good rank are covered by Yoast SEO. Using this plugin, you can easily write better content and make sure that the target keywords are in the article and that so at the right place.



  • User Role Editor

“User Role Editor” plugin is highly beneficial for those who have a team of designers and writers. Using this plugin you can easily manage the user capabilities as well as the roles they will play. By default WordPress has a feature which enables you to control user roles on a general level. These are Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor and Follower/Viewer.

But “User Role Editor” plugin goes one step further by giving you the leverage to specify more custom roles. You can now choose which user can install plugin, which can change the site design, which can post content, etc. This role editor plugin makes it very easy to manage users in the team sitting at one place i.e. in front of your computer.


  • Edit Flow

Editorial workflow can easily be managed using “Edit Flow” plugin. Everything from organization to collaboration is handled by this plugin. A special feature called custom statuses is added with the visual calendar. Using this feature you can easily track key stages of your workflow.

Some other features which facilitate better communication and synchronization added in the “Edit Flow” plugin are Editorial Comments and Editorial metadata.



  • Oasis Workflow

Oasis workflow is a better and simplified version of Edit Flow which helps in managing all the key components using a simple user interface. Using this plugin, you can easily set statuses, email remainders, deadlines, etc. Free version gives you the capability to use only single workflow. However, you can buy a premium version of “Oasis Workflow” to manage multiple workflows with a reasonable price of $49. It can help you to entangle even the most complex workflows.

  • Editorial Calendar

“Editorial Calendar” plugin helps in managing the workforce by checking their statuses, assignments, timelines, when the content is going to be posted, content ideas, etc. It is especially useful for those who find it difficult to manage their work in files and folders. It is a good editorial calendar with user friendly interface where one can easily mark the timelines and other guidelines.

  • CoSchedule

CoSchedule plugin is especially developed to schedule the social media and blog posts. It can make these posts post automatically at same time as well as at different times. The messages are queued with time and date to automatically be sent with the posts. A recent addition of drag and drop interface makes the plugin really easy to work on.

  • Jetpack

Jetpack is a plugin developed to control your social media from within the WordPress. Everything that you used to do by visiting the social media website can be done from the backend of WordPress.

Jetpack is full of features and tools which help in bringing traffic to your social media posts. A special publicize tool is there to distribute new posts in different social media websites.

  • Yoast Google Analytics

Now, as you have completed all the tasks of creating and managing, it is time to check the performance. This can be easily done by installing a free plugin “Yoast Google Ananlytics”.

This plugin gives you a full performance data showing the Return on the time and money you are spending to bring traffic. It can give you the key site metrics, insights into your audience and overall marketing performance. You can use this “Yoast Google Analytics” to check if you are at fault or at the right path to build traffic.

  • Backup Buddy

That one day everything can go into vain if you are not backing up what you are creating. Imagine that one day your site crashes and all your hard work are simply gone!!! Thinking of it fills editors with dread.

The only solution to this is installing “Backup Buddy” and kiss goodbye to the worries of losing your content. Just focus on the great content you are going to post tomorrow.


Managing an editorial team without entangling the files and folders is not an easy task. But this can be made easy using our aforementioned plugins. Just leave the management to these plugins and feel assured and excited about your site that not only provides a great content at the front end but also provides an ease of task at the back end. By installing all the plugins you can easily automate, optimize and streamline the editorial workflow.

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