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5 Successful Content Marketing Trends
5 Successful Content Marketing Trends


  • Content marketing is a very useful step for the promotion of a website as well as creating brand awareness. The audience on the internet are hungry for informative and interesting content and this is the thing that lets you stand out in the crowd.
  • In this article, I have compiled five biggest content marketing trends that can easily strengthen your bond with the target audience. These trends are handpicked by doing a deep research with the successful companies. Following these, one can easily set up a highly successful promotion and distribution strategy. Let’s have a look….

1) Creation of content

A major mistake made by many companies is that it tries to create the content about their product or service. In fact, a good way is to try creating an interesting and informative real content which is relevant to attract and retain the real audience. Research has shown that the companies which have a well-documented content marketing strategy are highly successful.


2) Proper promotion of the content

Along with the creation of content, wise promotion is also important. According to a research, companies 5 years back used to spend 80% of their time on content creation and 20% on promotion which was bad. Now, more and more companies are focusing on creation as well as promotion.


3) Influencer marketing

This was somewhat a lesser known way for marketing, but these days companies are widely adopting this method. Influencer marketing targets specific potential customers rather than a whole group. This type of marketing can be done by testimonials, sellers, industry analysts, professional advisors, etc. Some companies also hire individual influencers who test the product and provide their testimonial. Influencer marketing should always be planned to make it a successful strategy.


4) Have a goal in mind

Keeping a goal in mind while building your content is very important as otherwise, you will not be able to write an article or blog properly. Ask yourself, why you are creating this content? Is your content going to bring traffic? If the answer is positive, its a thumbs up.


5) Make a brand presence using videos

Many companies create a series of videos to promote their products. But after putting it on the internet they just forget to check if it is driving a good traffic. Videos have the power to provoke perspective audience and persuade them to take action. Companies make a mistake of creating a series of non-informative content which is neither interesting nor persuading. It is important to create interesting videos like a webinar about the product, an expert opinion, question and answer session, group discussion, etc. more info in our bigrockdesigns video marketing course



Promotion of a product or service is not difficult. Right steps definitely bring out a lot of traffic and benefits. All you need is just put some time and effort in building a right content strategy. And keep in mind to follow and review it on a timely basis. To learn more about content marketing view our digital marketing master course

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