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4 – Game Changing Trends in Social Media
4 Game Changing Trends in Social Media


With a changing trend and updates in the social media, more and more companies are inclining towards this platform to market their business. Social media makes it possible for savvy brands to attract the audience and drive traffic.
There are many free social media tools available for use by the companies, but to increase the content contribution one has to use it in a right way. These days audience are looking for a platform where they get everything they want and that is why big giants like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc are an answer to that.
The audience on the internet and especially on a social media is very fast and trendy. And this makes it important for you to keep a track of the biggest changes on the social media.

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1) Social media sites are publishers as well as distributors

Initially, social media gives the liberty to publish a piece of content and that content gets distributed with likes and page share. That same update is seen across all the social media sites. But now, there are some changes as the number of social media sites are increasing day by day.
Nowadays, the content is being published according to the way the site is willing to show. For example, Facebook is willing to show your website as a microsite on its platform. So, apart from showing your articles and posts, it will show the “about” page, reviews and even contact and location (if the business is physically present somewhere).
This is not the same with Google AMP as it does not provide the facility to create a microsite, but it gives the liberty to shift through content and information without leaving the search or visiting the website.

2) Chatbot

The Chatbot is a great way to solve the queries of audience. This is basically an automated system of chat. Usually, the chats were handled by a team of customer care people, but automated robotic chats are now taking over. Facebook is working hard on its chatbot and other platforms are sure to follow. Wait for a few days and you will be able to solve your queries by talking to a robot.


3) Online communities to stand out in the crowd

The internet is full of creepy as well as informative content. So it is becoming difficult for the audience to separate the content that is of high quality than the content of a very low quality. Companies have found a way to break this problem by creating content community.
A content community can be developed by creating an interesting and informative content and distributing to the right audience through right tools. This community can then help spread your content further making its way to the top.


4) Live video – An instant connection builds trust

Once your creation and distribution of the content have pulled a lot of good traffic, it is the time to show the face that is behind all the content. People love to do business with other people on the social media sites, but being a face of the business builds trust.
Social media sites are now giving a liberty to post videos related to the products. Due to this, consumers are getting to know more and more about the products that the company is offering. The biggest advantage of posting a video is that it is making people feel more connected to the company. Apart from this, they get to know that the face behind the content is authentic.


There is an overload of content on the internet. For example: Searching for just a pain on the right side of your waist can take you to the dialysis for kidneys. So, it is up to you how you create the content so that it reaches the top ten results and audience are able to easily filter gold from garbage.

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