Digital Marketing – Communication, Visual & Technical Diploma

This course encompasses: SEO, Podcasting, YouTube Video Marketing, Writing for the Web, Facebook for Business, Pinterest for Business, Google Ads, Email Marketing, Instagram for Business, WordPress, Google Re-Targeting, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads and Creating Video on Mobile.

digital-marketing-communication-visual-technical-diploma training course
Introduction / Intermediate
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Digital Marketing – Communication, Visual & Technical Diploma

Our Digital Marketing Communication and Visual Certificate course lasts 8 days (5 days in week 1, and 3 days in week 2) and it encompasses:

Day 1 – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Discover what SEO is and how to use it to increase website visibility to search engines, attracting the right traffic to the right webpages. Gain those vital citations and learn how to develop a strategy to attract users to your site.

Day 2 – Podcasting (am)

Podcasting can be a cost-effective way to reach an audience, and it has seen increased interest in recent years. The use of podcasting allows you to get your niche content to the right people. In this BigRockDesigns’ course learn how to create a podcast to match your budget, plus learn how to record audio, conduct an interview, and more.

Day 2 – Video Marketing with YouTube (pm)

Learn how to market, view, upload and share videos on YouTube. We will demonstrate how to set up your account, build a following, promote your videos on Facebook and Twitter and provide you with the best techniques to shoot and edit film specifically for a YouTube audience.

Day 3 – Facebook for Business (am)

Promote your company’s brand, increase sales, engage customers and drive site traffic using Facebook. Social media marketing and the basics of creating a successful online presence are covered.

Day 3 – Writing for the Web (pm)

Develop practical skills for writing for online media, including keeping your content updated, writing at the right level for your audience and avoiding jargon. Thinking like this helps improve the chances that customers will return to your site time and again.

Day 4 – Pinterest For Business (am)

We explore business ready features such as: Rich Pins, how to set up your business Pinterest account, and how to set up boards and create Pins strategically. We also demonstrate how to create an ad campaign, build an audience, and measure analytics.

Day 4 – Email Marketing (pm)

Learn how MailChimp, the email marketing platform, can work for you. Learn how to set up a free MailChimp account, add new or existing subscribers and use list segments and groups to target your messaging for different types of audiences.

Day 5 – Google Ads (am)

Get the most from your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) spend; choose the best keywords, write great ad copy and measure the effectiveness of your ads on the leading PPC platform. We explain the PPC landscape and demonstrate how to get more clicks, conversions and ultimately more return on your investment.

Day 5 – Instagram for Business (pm)

We will demonstrate Instagram promotional techniques, how to gain followers, comments, and likes for your business or personal brand. On course completion you will have the valuable skills that will help you effectively build a strong community of Instagram followers.

Day 6 – Facebook Ads (am)

Whether your marketing objective is to build awareness, create brand engagement or promote your business locally, this course gives you the techniques to increase sales via social marketing.

Day 6 – Google Analytics (pm)

In this course you will learn how to use Google Analytics to measure traffic ad performance, ROI and conversions, plus gain insight into how people use your website.

Day 7 – WordPress

Get the most out of the self-hosted version of WordPress and create feature-rich blogs and websites. We will explain how to get a web host, set up a domain, and download, configure and upload WordPress to your newly hosted site.

Day 8 – Google Re-targeting (am)

Learn how to link accounts, create re-marketing lists, use re-marketing tags, and target custom audiences. understand more advanced solutions such as dynamic re-marketing and re-marketing lists for search ads.

Day 8 – Making Movies on Mobile (pm)

Our video recording course that provides the concepts and skills to create high quality videos with a smartphone. The course gives an overview of the basic concepts of video as well as the different phases for planning, recording and editing.


  • - Introduction
  • - Google Search Console
  • - Google PageSpeed Insights
  • - Google Keyword Planner
  • - Google Structured Data
  • - Find the Rich Resources of Keywords
  • - Managing Keyword Data for Maximum Insights
  • - Find Searcher Intent from Keyword Searches
  • - Adding Three-Dimensional Keyword Data
  • - Apply Keywords to Your Website
  • - Summary
  • - Why you Should be doing Podcasting
  • - Strategies for Podcasting
  • - Determine your Podcast Approach
  • - Setting up Your Studio
  • - Podcasting Approach
  • - Editing a Podcast
  • - Compressing Podcast Files for Delivery
  • - Hosting Podcast Files
  • - Delivering the Podcast
  • - Conclusion
  • - Finding and Watching Video
  • - Joining the YouTube Community
  • - Developing Video Content for YouTube
  • - Understanding Video Technology for YouTube
  • - Compressing and Uploading Videos for YouTube
  • - Sharing YouTube Videos
  • - Doing More with YouTube Video
  • - Summary
  • - Write for Fast Reading
  • - Reading Age and Tone
  • - Don’t Tease: What’s in It for Me?
  • - Front-Load Your Content
  • - Remove the Sales Pitch
  • - Provide Detailed Information and Useful Images
  • - Actively Manage the Information You Publish
  • - Marketing with a Blog
  • - Blogging marketing strategies
  • - Blogging platforms overview
  • - Summary
  • - Facebook for Business
  • - Building Your Page
  • - Building Your Audience
  • - Activating Your Audience
  • - Advanced Facebook Posts
  • - Interacting with Your Audience
  • - Promoting Your Business on Facebook
  • - Understanding Insights
  • - Advanced Page Features
  • - Managing Pages on the Go
  • - Summary
  • - Introduction
  • - Pinterest for Business Features
  • - Setting Up Your Business
  • - Add Pinterest to your website
  • - Define your Pinterest Marketing Goals
  • - Advanced Pinterest Marketing Techniques
  • - Using Pinterest Ads and Promoted Pins
  • - Your first ad campaign
  • - Summary
  • - Getting to Know AdWords
  • - Getting Started
  • - Researching Keywords
  • - Creating Your First Search Campaign
  • - Creating Your First Ad Group
  • - Understanding Quality Score
  • - Tracking Ad Performance
  • - Using Display Ads in Remarketing Campaigns
  • - Leveraging Video Advertising
  • - Summary
  • - Using email in your marketing mix
  • - Building an Email List
  • - Designing an Effective Marketing Email
  • - Making Your Email Content Valuable
  • - Creating Effective “From” Addresses and Subject Lines
  • - Combining Email with Social Media and Mobile Devices
  • - Maximizing Your Email Campaign Results
  • - Getting Started with MailChimp
  • - Introducing MailChimp
  • - Creating and Sending Campaigns
  • - Working with Sign-Up Forms
  • - Working with Subscriber Lists
  • - Engaging Your Subscribers
  • - MailChimp Paid Account Features
  • - Summary
  • - Why should you be using Instagram
  • - Creating your Instagram brand
  • - Building Your Accounts Foundation
  • - Content creation
  • - Converting your leads into sales
  • - Analyze Your Results
  • - Summary
  • - Getting to Know WordPress
  • - Getting Started with WordPress Self-Hosting
  • - Starting WordPress for the First Time
  • - Setting Up Your User Profile
  • - Creating Posts
  • - Creating Pages
  • - Managing Images, Video, and Other Media
  • - Extending WordPress Functionality with Plug-ins
  • - Working with Themes
  • - WordPress behind the Scenes
  • - The Appearance Tab
  • - WordPress Settings
  • - Exporting and Importing WordPress Content
  • - WordPress Site Maintenance and Security
  • - Getting Readers
  • - Summary
  • - Remarketing with Google
  • - Getting Set Up
  • - Budget and ROI Tipse
  • - B2B Remarketing Campaigns
  • - What Is Web Analytics?
  • - Google Analytics Fundamentals
  • - Understanding accounts and profile administration
  • - Detailed Reports
  • - Visitor and Audience Reports
  • - Advertising Reports
  • - Traffic Sources and Channel Reports
  • - Behavior and Content Reports
  • - Conversions
  • - Summary
  • - Create an optimized facebook page
  • - Facebook reporting
  • - Social media marketing
  • - Facebook for your local businesses
  • - Facebook engagement
  • - Facebook insights
  • - Resources and powerpoints
  • - Facebook power editor
  • - Summary
  • - Video Marketing Basics
  • - Structure a Video that Sells
  • - Plan Your Video
  • - Intro to Equipment
  • - Lighting Options
  • - Filming Yourself
  • - Shooting with a Smartphone
  • - Choosing the Right Microphone
  • - Basic Video Lighting: 3-Point Setup
Course Exam & Certificates
CPD - Continuing Professional Development

The Communication learning modules:- Search Engine Optimisation, Podcasting, Youtube Video Marketing and Facebook for Business have been certified by CPD. Accredited CPD training means the learning activity has reached the required Continuing Professional Development standards and benchmarks. The learning value has been scrutinised to ensure integrity and quality. The CPD Certification Service provides recognised independent CPD accreditation compatible with global CPD requirements.

BigRockDesigns Certificate of Completion

Certificate of Completion. Presented to all learners who have completed our courses.


Catherine McSherry

Having extensively researched digital marketing training options in Northern Ireland, I decided to choose Big Rock Designs, Belfast. The training suit was kitted out with new Apple Mac computers and the latest Adobe software, which I felt ensured a positive learning experience right from day one. The course material was very comprehensive and well structured, suitable for all levels of experience; from complete beginners to the more advanced. The modules on the course were logically sequenced; WordPress then SEO, Email Marketing and Social Media, and knowledge gained from one built on the next in a well-structured framework. The Digital Marketing Master course was very hands on, with Peter offering feedback and an array of helpful tips when carrying out practical activities, ensuring confidence in application on return to the workplace. On a final note, I would like to highlight that I have seldom met the level of customer support that was offered to me by Peter and his team, both during and after the training was complete. That in itself adds enormous value to the course. Overall, this course, will not disappoint in terms of both value for money and the skills gained to progress your organisation’s marketing strategy digitally.

Catherine McSherry
Marketing Assistant

Turley PR

Bigrockdesigns provide first class training within SEO, google analytics and digital strategy. Their week long course is fundamentally aimed at equipping professionals with industry experience and has enabled me to gain an in-depth understanding for optimising websites, social media channels and content writing. I couldn’t recommend the company highly enough, with Peter Meehan always on hand to provide advice, even after I gained my certification.

John McManus
PR Manager
Can I do this course without having completed the other digital marketing courses?

Yes this course combines all our other digital marketing courses with additional elements: WordPress, Google Re-Targeting, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads and Creating Video on Mobile.

Why did you choose these elements for the course?

We researched a number of digital marketing courses, and we talked with many professionals in the industry to identify the key skills a user must have to be successful at digital marketing. The resulting modules make up our course.

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