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Mystic Gaze – Photoshop Composition

In our complex Photoshop composition learn to construct this image using: layers, masks, adjustment layers and selections. We will make learning advanced techniques easy and more importantly fun Download Image and PDF notes

Recommended Photoshop Screen Preferences

Learn How To Hide Interface elements Emphasise specific sections Move between opened images A. Full Screen Mode Select F key twice B. Partial Screen Mode Select Tab – hide all panels Select Shift & Tab hide panels only C. Toggle Between Opened Images Select Ctrl & Tab

Photoshop: Geometric Marquee Tool

Learn How to Select and edit a specific area of an image Modify with shortcuts Copy your layer A  Elliptical Marquee Tool Using this tool we will make a selection of Planet Earth. Spacebar will be used to move without committing to the selection B Copy the selection to a new layer Select Edit – […]

How to use the Navigator Panel in Adobe Photoshop

N.B. Use these notes with the associated video tutorial explaining the Photoshop Navigator Panel (see below). Zoom and Move images Zoom in and out with the Nav. Panel Move around your image with the Nav. Panel A. Open the Navigator panel Select Window – Navigator B Navigate the Image Zoom into the image. Move the image using […]

Photoshop CC 2017 New Feature – Face Aware Liquify

In this tutorial we have identified a new feature in Photohsop 2017 which we think you will like Open the liquify Panel – Select Filter – Liquify 1. Face Aware Liquify In this exercise learn to – Edit a Face shape – Isolate elements of a face – Uniformly edit elements such as eyes Process Open […]

How to use the Photoshop Zoom tool

Learn how to: Target a specific area with the Zoom tool How to use spring-loaded shortcuts A Target a Specific Area Select the Zoom tool: Draw with the tool over the required area. The screen resizes to the box height. B Spring Loaded Shortcuts Select another tool: Press Z (keep pressed down)- when released Photoshop […]

Most efficient way to navigate the Photoshop interface

Learn how to: Zoom your image with tools and shortcuts Where zoom is indicated on your screen A. The Zoom Tool Select  Zoom + to Zoom in ͛͛Select  Zoom – to Zoom out B.  Zoom Shortcuts Zoom in  Cmd +, Zoom Out  Cmd – View image at actual size –  Cmd & 1 View all […]

What are the Adobe Bridge Basics?

[thrive_leads id=’2932′] We Hope you enjoy our notes with associated video tutorial explaining the Adobe Bride Basic Concepts. Learn how to: Open Images via Bridge into Photoshop Navigate the Bridge interface How to customise Bridge A. Open Bridge Select  File – Browse in Bridge B. The Bridge Interface – Key Areas Favourites & Folders Breadcrumbs […]

How do I customise colours, fonts and theme in Adobe Photoshop?

N.B. Use these notes with the associated video tutorial explaining the Photoshop interface (see below). Learn how to: Alter the welcome screen Customise colours Customise fonts Change overall theme properties A. Welcome Screen How to Remove the welcome screen – Select Photoshop – General, un-tick Start B. Interface Colour To edit this colour select Photoshop – […]