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How to set up Indesign

How To.. Set up InDesign must-use Preferences

Adobe InDesign can be complicated but great when you get into it. You will get work done in a fraction of the time it would take in other applications, such as Microsoft Word. BUT you need to set InDesign up correctly and for this reason we have created this video. We explain key elements that […]

When to ignore text wrap in Adobe InDesign

Adobe InDesign: When you want it to Ignore Text Wrap

There are times when you wrap text around an object you may want InDesign to ignore the wrap; particularly when you want another object to sit on top of wrapped shape

How to Speed up your Workflow in Adobe InDesign

Adobe InDesign: Speed up your Workflow

Save time with Adobe InDesign shortcuts. Here are four videos showcasing techniques to get the job done quicker, using Scripts; Interactivity; Styles; and Default Fonts. To book a place on our next Advanced InDesign course (Belfast, 23/10/2018) call Peter on (028) 9575 7921.   1. Scripts – Rotate Text Character Thousands of Scripts: I recently […]

Must Know Illustrator Drawing Symbols

Must know Illustrator Drawing Symbols

To master the drawing feature in Illustrator you must understand the symbols of the various drawing tools. For this reason we have created the infographic below. The icons detailed are active with the Pen Tool and Direct Selection Tool

Re-purposing Marketing Content Part 2/4

Re-Purposing Marketing Content (Part 2)

Re-purposing benefits and the types of content to use In our previous blog post we discussed why you should be re-purposing the marketing content you’ve spent time and energy crafting, with the main benefit being it allows you to get on with running your own business. Two further benefits of re-purposing content are: Improving your […]

Re-purposing Marketing Content Part 1/4

Re-Purposing Marketing Content (Part 1)

Maximise Your Content – Minimise Your Workload This month at BigRockDesigns we’re focusing on infographics and the new social media courses we’ll be introducing over the summer. That got us thinking about social media content, but did you know you can create it and cut your workload? When you create content, think beyond just that […]

Graphic Design Blog Post

How to convert CMYK colour to Pantone in Adobe Illustrator

Video tutorial with associated notes Learn how to: Take any normally coloured image and find the Pantone colour reference Save the colour into swatches   A. Create an Image on screen filled with process colour Create an object: we have used normal text and filled with colour   B.  Finding Pantone reference Select edit – edit […]

Graphic Design from a Golden Era

Graphic Design from a Golden Era

Thanks to BRD learner Desmond for passing on this article about the golden era of Canadian graphic design, focussing on inspiration and creating a lasting legacy for future generations to admire.   Excerpt: Greg Durrell was working as part of the design team for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics when he first noticed a dearth of […]

Most effective way to navigate the Photoshop Interface

Most efficient way to navigate the Photoshop interface

Learn how to: Zoom your image with tools and shortcuts Where zoom is indicated on your screen   A. The Zoom Tool Select  Zoom + to Zoom in ͛͛Select  Zoom – to Zoom out   B.  Zoom Shortcuts Zoom in  Cmd +, Zoom Out  Cmd – View image at actual size –  Cmd & 1 […]

Adobe Bridge Basics

What are the Adobe Bridge Basics?

[thrive_leads id=’2932′] We Hope you enjoy our notes with associated video tutorial explaining the Adobe Bride Basic Concepts. Learn how to: Open Images via Bridge into Photoshop Navigate the Bridge interface How to customise Bridge   A. Open Bridge Select  File – Browse in Bridge   B. The Bridge Interface – Key Areas Favourites & […]