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40 Must know SEO ranking factors

Introduction Google has up to 200 ranking factors in implementing their algorithm. But the question arises – “how they make use of these ranking factors?” Well, there is some good news as this post will be reeling out a complete list of these ranking factors. Some are 100% reliable; some are still yet to be […]

Getting Started with Podcasting

Get started with Podcasting – Part 1

In this three-part blog series we go from the very beginning steps all the way to embedding your podcast in your website. In this first part we cover planning and preparation, from ideation through formatting, to selecting your equipment. Planning In some ways, this can be the most difficult stage! But spending time on this […]

What is a Podcast

What is a Podcast?

In 2005, the New Oxford American Dictionary chose ‘podcast’ as their word of the year. But it seems that, for some people, the definition (and the distinction) of the term ‘podcast’ is still not clear. Podcasts can still get confused with streaming, and downloadable audio or video. According to Ted Dempoulos, in his What No One […]

Facebook Blog for Ecommerce Brands

Facebook Retargeting Guide For Ecommerce Brands

You might think that once you’ve got people to actually visit your ecommerce website than you have at least won a battle in the war to turn visitors into customers. But how many of your customers are ready to make a purchase at this stage? Just 4%. With so few of your visitors converting into […]

Can you make money through Blogging

Can I make money through Blogging

Blogging Opportunities There are many revenue-making opportunities waiting for people online. For some reasons, many individuals stay at home. Some individuals can’t have a professional career because they have to take care of their family and some are simply jobless. However, this is the time to rejoice because now you can make money even without […]

Alternative for Lead Forensics

Lead Forensics is great. What are the alternatives?

Nowadays, it is very important for any online business, seeking to capitalize on their website investment, to identify, target and convert web prospects into sales. The IP address is one of the many profitable ways to generate leads. This type of search includes all the important information related to the company such as demographics, contact […]

The Best Email Marketing Software

The best email marketing software

Introduction With the advent of social media sites, many marketing companies are thinking that email marketing should be stopped and replaced with some other marketing strategy. This is not true as email is one of the most effective methods for building traffic with an astonishing variety of demographics. Email marketing cannot be ignored if you […]

Re-purposing marketing content Part 4

Re-Purposing Marketing Content (Part 4)

This is our final Re-Purposing Content blog, where we’ll take a quick look at re-using your content in video format – whether as a video or a videographic.   Video If you’re happy to stand in front of a camera, creating a video using your original content as a ‘script’ could be for you. You’ll need a […]

Re-purposing Marketing Content Part 3/4

Re-Purposing Marketing Content (Part 3)

In our last blog post, we looked at some of the benefits of re-purposing your carefully-crafted content. This time, we’re working out what to turn that into. Why not try: Infographics, and/or Email Marketing Infographics are a great way to get engagement – with their attractive visuals they usually get shared more frequently than a […]

Re-purposing Marketing Content Part 2/4

Re-Purposing Marketing Content (Part 2)

Re-purposing benefits and the types of content to use In our previous blog post we discussed why you should be re-purposing the marketing content you’ve spent time and energy crafting, with the main benefit being it allows you to get on with running your own business. Two further benefits of re-purposing content are: Improving your […]