Is PageSpeed a Google ranking factor and should I care?

pagespeed google seo ranking factor

Introduction to PageSpeed It’s official: Google announced that page speed will be a ranking factor in its mobile-first index. There’s no beating around the bush anymore: you should work on making your site as accessible and fast as possible. Work … Read More

New and Better SEO Course – 2017


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What are Google’s best search techniques?


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Case Study: Genie Insights does Web Design and SEO

Learning Objective Genie Insights contacted BigRockDesigns with a view to continuing professional development in WordPress and SEO for the launch of their new website; built entirely with the amazing xTheme. Genie Insights is a Genie Insights is a marketing consultancy company … Read More

How can I improve my Google Places Page Ranking?


How to check your Google Places Page ranking It may be more simple to optimise Google Places Page, but the real task is to improve its ranking. After some in-depth research, we have finally selected five ways for business owners to improve their … Read More