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The Value of Prince2 Project Management in Digital Projects
The Value of Prince 2 Project Management in Digital Projects

It is easy to think that PRINCE2 techniques are only truly useful in certain situations, such as in conventional, office-based projects. However, it is worth pointing out that finding out about PRINCE2 can prove invaluable for managing modern, digital projects as well.


Indeed, there are some huge benefits to learning this way of approaching projects, regardless of how and where you work.

Timeless and Flexible Advice

The first point worth covering here is that when you go on a PRINCE2 training course you aren’t only going to be given advice on running a certain type of project in a fixed setting. You certainly shouldn’t think that this is a stiff and old-fashioned approach that isn’t suited to the slick, modern way of working.

In fact, this is something that is perfectly suited to digital projects, as it offers classic, timeless advice and a flexible way of working that allows you to change with the times. If you are going to be working on any type of project then the tips that you pick up from PRINCE2 will make your life a lot easier and won’t feel out of date.

The digital project manager role is highly demanding but the advice that you get when learning all about PRINCE2 will make it a lot easier to deal with.

Speak a Common Language

Another advantage to sorting out your PRINCE2 course is that it gives you access to a common language you can use with others on the project. Milestones, baselines, business cases and issue registers are among the phrases that can be used to very simply express project ideas and updates.

It could be argued that this common language is even more important in a digital project in which team members have to communicate with each other remotely. You might also find that you have some cross-over with more conventional projects or with senior executives who are more comfortable with the traditional way of doing things.

Either way, being able to quickly express ideas in a language that everyone grasps is hugely beneficial in any type of project.

Follow the Right Project Lifecycle

No matter how a project is run and where it is carried out, there is a certain type of project lifecycle that has to be followed. Every single project has to go through various phases in which it is started up, managed and then closed.

By understanding what the project lifestyle looks like you will be more confident of guiding each new piece of work to a smooth and successful conclusion. This is one of the key points covered in PRINCE2 training and it is a vital piece of knowledge in order to take any project forward.

Switch between Different Types of Project

Is there a chance that you could work on different types of project over the years? The truth is that many people who enter into this industry end up discovering that it gives them a huge amount of variety and flexibility in their careers.

You may start out working on digital projects but wouldn’t it be terrific to know that you could switch to running any sort of project in any kind of setting in the future? The sort of versatility that come with PRINCE2 certification means that you will never again feel as though you are boxed in to a narrow career.

The wide-spread popularity of PRINCE2 means that this approach to running projects is used by companies in all industries and pretty much all over the planet. You might be planning a digital project just now but what might the future hold for you once you can handle any sort of project anywhere?


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