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How to find link building gold to increase site exposure
How to find link building gold to increase site exposure blog post

Want to Attract Maximum Traffic? Go for Backlinks


  • Backlinks is a great way to attract traffic to your website. It is basically a site that places a link to your site which is a supreme ranking factor for Google search engines.
  • The most important thing to be kept in mind while using backlinks is the quality of content and website. While ranking a website, the Google algorithm looks for the sites from which your blog or website pages are connected. However, this is one of the numerous ranking factors used by Google, but it is the most important factor for Search Engine Optimization.
  • It is not easy to create quality backlinks. In this article, I am going to show you the smart ways to get high quality websites to use for creating backlinks:



1) The method of broken-link building

  • The broken-link reporting method is a great way to build one way backlink. In this technique, you need to contact the webmaster to report a broken link. And while sending this report, you can send some suggestions of the websites, including yours, which can be used to replace those broken links. As a token of favor, the webmaster may include your website for a backlink.
  • You should not be blunt while contacting a webmaster. Communicate in a friendly way and introduce yourself. Tell him/her about the broken links with an exact location along with the alternatives. It is rare that the webmaster refuses to put your link, but in some cases, this happens. Do not get disheartened; you can try some other website.
    The first step to this method is to find the relevant websites matching your niche with a resources page. You can use the following commands:

1) Your keywords + resources
2) Your keywords + links
3) Keywords inurl:links


  • Let’s take an example: I have a pet care website. To search for the relevant websites I use a command ‘pet care + links’.
    Next step is to search for the broken links. To do this, I need to install a Google plugin by the name of “check my links”. By using this plugin, one can quickly discover the number of links which are broken on a website.

2) Guest Articles

  • Guest blogging is a great way to build traffic by expanding your audience. Even Google Analytics blog accepts guest contributors. It is a great way to build your presence on social media websites.
  • Here are the three ways using which you can find the websites that accept guest post:
    Search queries: A combination of some keywords on Google search engine can produce amazing results. Some of the most popular combinations for searching the blogs accepting a contribution from freelance bloggers are:

• Keyword + guest-post
• Keyword + submit an article
• Keyword + inurl:write for us
• Keyword + become an author
• Keyword + become a contributor
• Keyword + bloggers wanted
And the list goes on…..


  • Authors publishing guest posts: You can search for the freelance authors contributing articles. The best place is to search on Google Plus. In the ‘About’ section of the author’s profile, you will find websites in which he/she has contributed. Using this process, you can find endless opportunities to contribute your article.
  • Build your presence on social media: Search for ‘guest posts’, ‘guests articles’ and similar keywords on social media websites. You can use ‘Topsy’ to automate this process of keywords you want to track. Building presence on social media using guest posts is helpful as the audience who enjoys your post can look for similar articles in future which can even convert them to leads.


3) Follow your competitor steps

  • Choose 3-4 competitors that rank above your website and start spying on them. It is very important to stay up-to-date by checking their online marketing strategy. Try to grab the techniques your competitors are using to create backlinks. This can be easily done by following two important steps:
  • Setting up alerts: You can set alerts whenever your competitor publishes content or updates something on the website. This can be done by creating a Google alert for the keyword “site:yourcompetitor.com”. Suppose, my competitor website is petcare.com. I can set Google alerts using a keyword “site:petcare.com”. Apart from this, you can subscribe to email newsletter and follow on social media websites.
  • Look for competitor backlinks: Look for the sites which are backlinking your competitor websites and follow the same. You can also look for the guest blogs from which they are getting links. The best tool to spy on your competitor is ‘Monitor Backlinks’. You can add the links to your four close competitors and monitor them for backlinks and other activities related to SEO. Follow all the sources of backlinks your competitors are earning from.


4) Internal link building

  • Internal link building is done by backlinking some keywords in the content of a page to another page in a blog or a website. Using an internal link building structure, you can help the audience to easily navigate through your website or blog. This is a great way to increase the overall user experience as he/she finds the user interface really good.
  • There are many tools that can help in building internal links, but it is recommended to do it manually. Webmasters should keep the internal links less than 100/page for SEO.


5) Content Promotion

  • Content promotion should be done in a right way otherwise, you will not get the backlinks. To promote the content effectively, you need to search for blogs and websites that run weekly and monthly roundups of the content. When you contact a webmaster, make sure that your words should be friendly and you provide a link to the guide or a tutorial.
  • These bloggers are constantly looking for a great content, so they will definitely consider you. If he/she finds the resource useful, your website link will be added in the next roundup.


6) Testimonials

  • Google algorithm considers testimonials as a great way to build traffic to the website. You can create testimonials for your website on different blogs and other websites. There is a high probability that you can get a space for your link in exchange of a testimonial. So, build a good relationship with other webmasters to backlink your website.


7) Contact important bloggers and journalists

  • It is important to spread a word about your business. To do this, search for the email address of a blogger or a journalist. It is quite hard if you search it directly on Google. Instead use the tools such as Voilanorbert, Thrust.io or Emailfinder.io  All you need to do is just enter the website and the name of the person working on that website. Alternatively, you can contact them through social media websites.


8) Make donations

  • Making donations is a great way to get backlinks and that so from really good websites. Search the websites that accept donations and create a backlink to the website that has donated. All you need to do is simply donate some amount and give your website url.


9) Go for an interview

Once you become well known on the internet as a business owner, there will be more interview invitations. They can be an amazing technique to get golden back links



No doubt, it is a challenging task to earn backlinks, but you can make the task simple by using different resources. Make sure that backlinks are an important part of your website promotion regime to get that good Google ranking.

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