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App-solutely Lab: Sight Words Coach
Sight Words Coach

This is BRD’s first app review, and with World Book Day coming up soon we thought we’d try out an app to help children learn Sight (or Dolch list) words on our very own BigRock Jnr2 (age 6) who has been struggling with these a bit. After spending some time on the Google Play Store trying to find one that’s sensibly priced, we came across Sight Words Coach, which gave a selection of words for free and the full version for £1.89: h-app-y with that (sorry..) It gets a rating of 4.4 from almost 450 votes.

Some points of note:

  • Although aimed at US pupils, with its PK, K and Grade categories rather than primary classes as we have in the UK, it’s very simple to use.
  • We stuck to the PK-group words, about half of which she has already been introduced to – this added extra excitement as she ran to get her list from school to compare (and help) with the app.
  • The short, snappy (resisted that pun) quizzes comprise just 7 words per quiz, so they don’t get bored, plus they get a percentage score and the opportunity to re-take problem words to get scores up.
  • Visually, it’s quite simple, but that’s no bad thing as she had no distractions, and it has a basic interface that’s brightly coloured nonetheless.
  • The Recent Results feature lists the quizzes she has completed, showing their respective levels and scores.
  • The Problem Words feature lists words (for her currently this only highlights the word ‘all’) that have proved more difficult to solve, with more wrong than right answers. It’s a useful reference for us the next time we use the app.
  • Although we haven’t tried them yet, it also offers ‘Custom Words’ whereby the child can record themselves saying the words – I foresee that being very popular!

All in all, I’m really pleased with Sight Words Coach; even during the short time using it I could see her enthusiasm to continuing using the app and how this was helping her to gain confidence. She was really pleased with her work on this. Recommended.

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